Wellness Mama's Founder Katie Wells On How She "Does it All"

by Branch Basics | 05/26/2021

Wellness Mama's Founder Katie Wells On How She "Does it All"

About Katie Wells

Katie Wells is the CEO and Co-Founder at Wellness Mama and Wellnesse. She is a mom of six with a background in journalism. Years ago, Katie took her health into her own hands and started researching to find answers to her own health struggles. She turned her research turned into a blog and podcast that turned into the thriving Wellness Mama community.

Instagram: @wellnessmama

Website: wellnessmama.com, wellnesse.com

Episode Highlights

1:37- Katie talks how Wellness Mama started as she took her health struggles into her own hands.

9:04- Katie discusses building a network and systems that helped her get the nourishing foods she needed.

14:25- Kelly and Katie discuss the importance of your mental and emotional health to your overall physical health, including how you hold trauma in the body. Katie touches on her diagnosis of Hashimotos.

25:05- Ideas and tips on how to learn how to stop fighting with your negative self- thoughts and activating the parasympathetic nervous system to decrease anxiety and accept your emotions.

36:43- Katie talks about her physical transformation when she started supporting her body versus putting stress on it.

38:58- How Katie put systems and teams in place to focus on her health while juggling her thriving business and big family. She "does it all" now with the help of those around her - Katie's kids do their own laundry and cook meals!