The Benefits Of Regenerative Agriculture With Serial Entrepreneur Katie Forrest

by Branch Basics | 06/24/2021

About Katie Forrest

Katie is a native Austinite with a Masters Degree in Women and Gender Studies. Katie and her husband are proven entrepreneurs, having co-founded three successful businesses. She is also a multi-sport athlete and enjoys riding her bike on isolated roads of Texas' Hill Country.

Instagrams: @roamranch, @epicbar, @thunderbirdbars


Episode Highlights

3:28- Katie’s story, including her health journey, starting Thunderbird & Epic Provisions, and buying Roam Ranch.

15:03- Healthy animals = healthy soil. Soil is the foundation of all things. Selling Epic to General Mills.

17:40- Katie on Regenerative Agriculture and creating a net positive impact on the land.

21:04- Buying Roam Ranch, starting to build a regenerative ranch eco-system by focusing on soil health, and why our food is less nutrient-dense.

30:08- The five principles of soil health. Books Katie and Taylor used, from Dirt to Soil/Kiss the Ground.

32:00- Conventional vs. Regenerative meat/produce.

40:54- Katie speaks to different marketing terms labeled on meat & what you should be buying that is good for the consumer and the environment.

47:45- Katie elaborates on bringing Roam Ranch back to life. How they started and where they are now.

52:10- Brief history of bison in the US.

54:07- Other animals that are on Roam Ranch and each of their roles.

57:04- How Roam Ranch labels its product and where to buy it.