Clean Skincare Line Founder Indie Lee On How To Be An Active Participant In Life

by Branch Basics | 12/06/2022

Episode Description 

Indie Lee was a corporate CPA when she was diagnosed with multiple auto-immune diseases. After that, she suffered from a life-threatening brain tumor that was believed to come from environmental toxins - specifically something she put on her skin. This inspired her to became interested in clean beauty.

Indie believes that the lifestyle you live and the environment we within profoundly impacts our overall health. In this episode, Indie dives into her story, background and why the driving force behind the successful Indie Lee skincare line is education and empowerment. 

Episode Highlights 

1:17 - A quick background of Indie's story  

7:45 - Indie talks about the origins of the clean beauty industry 

12:30 - The clean standards Indie Lee holds itself to 

21:45 - What Indie thinks about our anti-aging culture 

28:10 - Where to start if you want to switch to all clean beauty 

Other Resources Mentioned 

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