Cleaning Tips & Tricks

We’ve found that these small steps can often have a big impact!

Woman in the kitchen washing produce with Branch Basics

Cleaning Tips

Woman treating a carpet stain with her son

Dwell Time

After spraying, let sit for 1 to 5 minutes before wiping or scrubbing tough cleaning jobs. Try even longer for really heavy-duty messes.
Woman pouring Concentrate into Branch Basics bottle


All-Purpose isn’t cutting it? Try your Bathroom bottle in the kitchen, on a stain, or outside. Still not enough power? Try straight Concentrate!
Woman washing pan with Oxygen Boost


When a liquid solution isn’t enough, try adding Oxygen Boost and use a brush or scouring pad.
Bowl of water for stain soaking


For tough stains, add a small amount of Concentrate to a bowl of water with Oxygen Boost and let the item soak until clean. It could be a few hours or a few days, depending on the stain.


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Everyday Uses

Girls cleaning kitchen counter


From dishes to countertops and everything in between, Branch Basics tackles your kitchen without leaving harmful residues near your food.
Woman washing glass shower door


Our Bathroom cleaner cuts through mildew and grime with ease but without any harsh fumes! For extra power, pair with Oxygen Boost to keep your surfaces sparkling!
Woman washing mirror


Our Streak-Free spray just takes one drop of Concentrate to leave mirrors, windows and even electronics shining! Try distilled water in the mix to ensure mineral streaks aren't left behind.
Woman mopping bathroom floor with Branch Basics

Floors & Furniture

A little bit of Concentrate goes a long way! From hardwoods to carpets, follow our ratios in the User Guide below.
Mother and child doing laundry


The products we use for laundry have one of the largest impacts on our overall health. Our Laundry solution and Oxygen Boost make the transition easy and leave clothes fresh and clean.
Mother and child treating stains


With Branch Basics, you can tackle stains of all kinds. We suggest starting by spraying All-Purpose and gently agitating the fabric together. For tougher stains, see our User Guide for soaking tips.
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