Things To Know Before Using & Buying An Infrared Sauna With Therasage Founder Robby Besner

by Branch Basics | 05/24/2022

About Robby Besner

Robby Besner is a wellness advocate, scientist, inventor, and founder of Therasage. Therasage's mission is to create high-quality infrared sauna and detox products that are more affordable and accessible to everyone. In this episode, Kelly and Robby chat about the importance of detoxing in today's environment. Robby covers how infrared sauna works, how to optimize results, and various health conditions that regular sauna use can improve.

Episode Highlights

2:42- Robby's story and how Therasage started

11:00- Robby addresses the importance of using high-quality elements to make the best and safest devices for detox

18:26- Who can use the sauna, how it works, and how to do it safely

26:19- How to use the sauna to get the best results

33:33- The importance of staying hydrated especially when sweating

39:44- Health conditions that sauna use can improve

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