The Power Of Ingredients With Just Ingredients Founder Karalynne Call

by Branch Basics | 09/08/2022

About Karalynne Call

Karalynne Call is a mother of six, Certified Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, and Mental Health Advocate. Her health journey began 15 years ago when she battled severe depression. Karalynne truly believes that nature and natural ingredients provide all the necessary nutrition for us to live healthy and happy lives. In this episode, Kelly and Karalynne chat about Karalynne's health journey, how to navigate the grocery store to make healthy decisions, and tips on how to keep your family healthy.  

Episode Highlights:

1:22- Karalynne's health journey and why she started her Instagram page @JustIngredients

15:57- The biggest marketing claims to look out for when grocery shopping

21:12- Navigating family when making clean living changes in your home 

26:37- Tips on keeping a healthy family 

35:22- The Just Ingredient product line 

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