The Life Changing Power Of Tossing The Toxins With Noelle Haddad

by Branch Basics | 12/02/2021

About Noelle Haddad

Noelle Haddad is a toss the toxins advocate and is an example of how removing harmful chemicals can change your life. In the episode, Noelle shares her health history, the process of removing toxins from her home, and the changes she saw in her health afterward. Marilee shares the steps of tossing the toxins and how they worked with Noelle to lower her everyday toxic load. Noelle and Marilee spend 45 minutes sharing the power of tossing the toxins.

Episode Highlights:

1:32 - Noelle's health history and past health concerns

14:50- The process of tossing the toxins in Noelle's home.

24:57- How Noelle was feeling during the toss the toxins process

27:05- The lab work and results before and after removing toxins from Noelle's home, and how Noelle's symptoms changed.

32:12- The changes Noelle saw when she started eating organic and being mindful of excitotoxins in her food.

36:30- Noelle's energy level before and after tossing the toxins.

42:02- The results of Noelle's lab work after removing chemicals from her home and diet.

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