Breaking Down Everyday Toxins & Symptoms With Million Marker Founder Dr. Jenna Hua

by Branch Basics | 11/17/2022

Episode Description 

Dr. Jenna Hua has a BS in Nutrition, a Masters in Public Health and PhD in Environmental Sciences. Over the years, she has published numerous academic studies focused on human health. Her passion within the health and wellness space led her to find Million Marker, a company dedicated to empowering people with the data and tools they to understand how harmful toxins enter our bodies and how to remove them.

In this episode, Jenna and Marilee talk about how we can take a proactive and preventative approach to healthcare by removing these toxins. 

Episode Highlights 

2:55 - Jenna gives her background, how she was sick as a kid, and what led her to her into the health field 

4:23 - Jenna describes her PhD research and academic studies she participated in

10:30 - How genetics interact with environmental exposures, and how certain environmental chemicals can trigger reactions 

13:55 - Million Marker's origin story and common toxins found in the body (BPA, phthalates, etc)

27:25 - Symptoms people may have from exposure to certain chemicals 

35:15 - Jenna describes Million Marker's mail-in urine test and the comprehensive results customers receive 

Other Resources Mentioned 

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