Fast Fashion Vs. Sustainable Apparel With Clothing Designer Miranda Bennett

by Branch Basics | 04/07/2022

About Miranda Bennett

Miranda Bennett is the founder and creative director of Miranda Bennett Studio, an ethical and sustainable apparel brand based in Austin, TX. In this episode, Kelly and Miranda chat about what fast fashion means for the environment, chemicals used on conventionally made apparel, and how to be an educated consumer. Miranda shares the goals for her line and what she thinks the future of fashion looks like.

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Episode Highlights:

1:19- All about Miranda, how her clothing line started and the standards she has for her apparel.

11:18- The price difference between conventional vs sustainable clothing.

19:30- The chemicals and dyes used on conventional clothing. Miranda's experience with plant dyes.

32:10- Miranda's team and how they adapted after Covid.

39:17- Miranda's thoughts on bigger brands having sustainable lines.

45:40- The company's goals for the next 5 years and the future of fashion.

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