Entrepreneurship, Motherhood & Self Care with Bala Co-Founder Natalie Holloway

by Branch Basics | 07/14/2022

About Natalie 

Natalie Holloway is the co-founder of the hip fitness equipment brand, Bala. Natalie started Bala with her husband, Max,  in early 2020. In this episode, Kelly and Natalie chat about how she started Bala, how she manages her role in a growing company and motherhood. Natalie shares how important the weekend is for family time and how she uses Bala products.  

Episode Highlights

1:22- All about Natalie and how Bala came to be. 

5:48- Natalie's experience on Shark Tank. 

8:38- What Natalie's role looks like today after Shark Tank and how she manages it all. 

11:28- How Natalie manages motherhood and being a business owner. 

14:36- How Natalie uses Bala products. 

16:52- What it's like working with family and the importance of self-care. 

Resources Mentioned:

Natalie's Instagram

Bala Instagram

Bala Website