Creating Safe & Eco-Friendly Baby Gear With Bumbleride Founder Matt Reichardt

by Branch Basics | 11/03/2022

Episode Description

Matt Reichardt is the founder and CEO of Bumbleride. In this episode, Matt discusses Bumbleride's origin story as well as how they determined their ethos. In addition to wanting to bring high-quality products that had a clean design aesthetic to the market, Matt and his wife, Emily, also wanted their products to be eco-friendly and non-toxic. They made it a point to reduce their environmental impact and eliminate any chemicals or materials that could be harmful. 

Episode Highlights

:50 - How and why Matt and his wife Emily started Bumbleride

5:00 - Matt's insight into industrial manufacturing practices, the toxins that come out of it, and how Bumbleride works to be btoh safe and eco-friendly 

14:05 - Matt breaks down the most important things for consumers to look for when purchasing baby gear

20:15 - Common chemicals that are toxic and red flag ingredients

27:00 - How creating eco-friendly and non-toxic products have influenced Matt's family's lifestyle choices

31:20 - Matt gives an update on his family life

33:22 - All about Bumbleride's products 

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