How To Remove Pesticides With Non-Toxic Neighborhoods Founder Kim Konte and Dr. Bruce Lanphear

by Branch Basics | 08/11/2022

About Kim Konte and Dr. Bruce Lanphear 

Kim Konte founded Non-Toxic Neighborhoods, a company devoted to protecting children from synthetic pesticides. Non-Toxic Neighborhoods works to make organic and regenerative management the “norm” and not the “exception.” Their organization and advisors believe that it should be a basic human right that children are protected from harmful and synthetic pesticides where they live, play, and learn. Bruce Lanphear, an advisor for Non-Toxic Neighborhoods, is an MD, MPH, Senior Scientist at the Child and Family Research Institute, BC Children’s Hospital, Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, and President of the International Society for Children’s Health and the Environment. In this episode, Kelly, Kim, and Bruce chat about how Non-Toxic Neighborhoods started, the implications of pesticides on human health, and the safer alternatives to pesticides. Kim and Bruce share tools to create change in your community. 

Episode Highlights

1:30- About Kim and how she started Non-Toxic Neighborhoods. 

6:34-  About Bruce and his research, including the most significant ways pesticides affect human health. 

19:20- How to work with cities to stop spraying for mosquitoes. 

23:48- Safer pesticide alternatives and how to vet products.

34:40- How chemicals affect human health and explaining chronic low-level exposures. 

43:25- The best advice for everyday citizens making the change in their communities.

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