Overcoming Trauma & The Power Of Mindset With Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

by Branch Basics | 01/27/2022

About Lauren Scruggs

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is an author, lifestyle + fashion blogger, and founder of The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation as well as Stranded dry shampoo. In this episode, Lauren shares about the traumatic accident that changed her life, her healing journey, her recent fertility journey, and how she finds joy even in the most difficult times. She reminds us about the power of our perspective and that there is beauty in trials.

Episode Highlights:

1:15- Laurens background. How she grew up, being introduced to health and wellness, her accident, finding functional medicine, and starting her brand.

13:56- More detail into her accident and how she healed physically and mentally.

22:30- Lauren and her husband Jason’s fertility journey.

33:10- Lauren's due date and the emotions of IVF.

43:31- How she has stayed so joyful through her trials, and seeing them as gifts.

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