Healing Lyme Disease Through Bee Venom Therapy With Holly Owens

by Branch Basics | 10/28/2021

About Holly Owens

Holly Owens is a model, influencer, and Lyme Disease survivor living in Los Angeles. Holly uses her platform to share her passion for health and wellness with her followers. In this episode, Holly chats about being diagnosed with Lyme, finding Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) and non-toxic living. She shares how important it is to be your own health advocate and standing up for yourself and your health.

Instagram: @wellthybelly

Episode Highlights:

2:45- Holly's Lyme diagnosis and the start of her healing journey, and how social media brought her to her diagnosis.

11:53- How Holly found BVT to treat her Lyme diagnosis.

13:33- What BVT is and how it works.

17:31- How Holly got into non-toxic living and the changes she made to her lifestyle following BVT.

20:40- How important it is to be your own health advocate and fighting for what you know is true.

23:19- What originally brought on Holly's Lyme symptoms and where she is health-wise now.

27:30- Background on Holly's modeling career and what she's currently up to.

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