Cancer Survivor Carly Shankman On Her Healing Journey

by Branch Basics | 09/02/2021

Cancer Survivor Carly Shankman On Her Healing Journey

About Carly Shankman

Carly Shankman is a cancer survivor, business owner, health coach, and momma based in Austin, Texas. In this episode, Carly shares her healing journey from thyroid cancer. She explains her experience at holistic cancer clinics, how she started Alchemy Juice, and how she found the "why" to her cancer. Carly shares her daily practices and detox protocols.

Instagram: @carlyloveskale


Episode Highlights:

1:51- Carly's healing journey. Being diagnosed with cancer and finding alternative treatments. Finding the "why" behind her cancer and seeing it as a learning experience in her life.

12:47- Carly goes into detail about the holistic alternative treatments and clinics she used to treat her cancer.

17:50- The reason Carly started her business, Alchemy Juice. How Carly has used food as a part of her healing protocol.

25:17- Discovering where the cancer originated and using a biological dentist to heal her infection in her mouth.

30:20- Carly's daily routine and the time she dedicates to her healing.

38:42- A little more about Alchemy Juice and where to find it.

41:12- Carly's advice upon receiving a cancer diagnosis.

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