Developing Our New Dishwasher Tablets With Chemist Melissa Christenson

by Branch Basics | 02/10/2022

Developing Our New Dishwasher Tablets With Chemist Melissa Christenson

About Melissa Christenson

Melissa Christenson is a chemist with a B.A. degree in Chemistry and a master's degree in Marketing. She has worked in the cosmetic and beauty industry for over 20 years in Research & Development, Product Development and Marketing. In this episode, Kelly and Melissa chat about the development of Branch Basics Dishwasher Tablets, how the BB team vets certain ingredients, and tips to get the best clean from the tablets. Melissa shares the sustainability aspect of the new product.

Episode Highlights:

1:11- All about Melissa's background as a chemist.

4:12- The start of the process of developing the dishwasher tablets. Where Melissa started and how she used the Concentrate and Oxygen Boost in the formula.

10:23- Why Branch Basics vets ingredients at the start of the process and how special Marilee is to the team.

12:18- Presenting the formula to the distribution company.

14:18- The importance of a high-performing product and cleaning your dishwasher.

19:46- The two key ingredients the BB team wanted to leave out of this product.

20:58- Helpful tips to get the cleanest dishes.

23:19- Our plastic-free product and the sustainability of the tablet.

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