Breaking Down Functional Medicine With Holistic Health Practitioner Taylor Dukes

by Branch Basics | 08/05/2021

About Taylor Dukes

Taylor Dukes is a private health consultant based in Texas. She works with professional athletes, celebrities, and CEOs of major health companies as well as busy mamas like herself. Taylor’s passion is not only helping sick people heal, but also helping health-conscious people take their health to the next level. She wants her clients to have a deeper understanding of their bodies and their unique individual needs. Taylor does a deep dive into her client's history and then uses testing to determine what her client needs to feel, look and perform their best.

Instagram: @taylordukeswellness


Episode Highlights

3:05- How Taylor got into the functional medicine space and what makes functional medicine different from conventional and integral practices.

8:24- The importance of gut health, Taylor’s “test don’t guess” mentality and symptoms that indicate an imbalance in the gut.

15:48- Basic and free things people can do to help heal their gut and optimize digestion, plus Taylor’s thoughts on probiotic supplementation.

26:14- Seasonal eating and diversity and how that positively impacts the gut.

27:35- How Taylor manages running a business, feeding her family nourishing foods and prioritizing what is important to her and her family.

34:15- Tips and tricks for feeding littles with minimal time and eating out.

40:53- Taylor’s process for working with new patients and starting a detox protocol and the importance of having open detox pathways.