The Connection Between Oral Health, Hormones + Early Childhood Dental Habits With Dr. Leedia Riman

by Branch Basics | 06/30/2022

About Dr. Leedia

Dr. Leedia is a biological dentist based in Beverly Hills California. She focuses on women's dental health and early childhood dental education. Her mission is to bring women's dental health to the table through education and empowerment. She is creating a liaison between the medical world and the dental world, creating the ability for her patients to achieve optimal whole-body health. 

In this episode, Kelly and Dr. Leedia chat about how dental health changes with hormonal changes, how acidity is the root cause of tooth decay, and why mouth breathing affects overall health. Dr. Leedia shares ideal brushing habits for adults and children. 

Episode Highlights

1:07- All about Dr. Leedia and how she found biological dentistry. 

7:01- How dental health changes with hormonal changes in the body. 

12:05- How acid is the root cause of tooth decay and the negative effects of mouth breathing 

21:45- How to stop mouth breathing. 

26:00- Prenatal dental health and why it's important + cleaning babies' mouths.  

32:59- Ideal brushing habits for kids and adults. 

44:25- How your overall health changes after practicing healthy dental practices and finding a biological dentist. 

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