Toxins & Fertility With Dr. Leah Gordon

by Branch Basics | 08/25/2022

Toxins & Fertility With Dr. Leah Gordon

About Dr Leah Gordon

Dr. Leah Gordon is a naturopathic doctor specializing in women's fertility and hormone health. She is the founder of Womanhood Wellness Clinic, appeared in the HBO Max docuseries Not So Pretty, and experienced her own fascinating journey to becoming a mother. In this episode, Kelly talks with Dr. Leah about finding out her husband did not have any sperm, her experience tossing the toxins, and why she loves to work with young women in their preconception years. 

Episode Highlights

1:06- Dr. Leah's story. Why and how she started working with women's health. 

9:22- How Dr. Leah "tossed the toxins" after finding out her husband had high toxicity levels. 

21:07- What Dr. Leah's husband's health is like today. 

26:30- How Dr. Leah works with young women and prepares women for motherhood.

31:38- Dr. Leah on working with couples.

33:02- The guides and resources Dr. Leah offers to everyone, not just her patients.

36:07- Dr. Leah's experience on the Not So Pretty series. 

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