Choosing Hope, Faith & Joy In The Midst Of Trauma With Stroke Survivor Katherine Wolf

by Branch Basics | 03/24/2022

About Katherine Wolf

Katherine Wolf is a wife, mother, author, motivational speaker, and advocate for living a joyous, hope-filled life. In this episode, Kelly and Katherine chat about Katherine's miraculous survival after a sudden brainstem stroke, how choosing joy does not remove you from reality, tangible tips on how to change our perspective, and Katherine's family. Katherine shares what it was like healing from her stroke and some of the biggest lessons she's learned along the way.

Episode Highlights:

2:45- About Katherine and her story.

8:07- How Katherine continues to choose joy while living a challenging life and how she teaches others how to hold onto hope.

21:07- The perspective shift that Katherine uses to point people to and the example of a capsule closet.

24:34- More about Katherine's husband, Jay, and about her 2nd miracle pregnancy and birth.

29:15- Insights Katherine has learned about the brain and neuroplasticity.

34:12- Katherine’s biggest lessons she loves to share with people.

Other Resources Mentioned

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Katherine's book "Hope Heals"

Katherine's second book "Suffer Strong"

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