The Importance Of Finding A Birth Team With Midwife Melinda Thigpen

by Branch Basics | 10/14/2021

The Importance Of Finding A Birth Team With Midwife Melinda Thigpen

About Melinda Thigpen

Melinda Thigpen is a midwife in Mississippi who has been a part of over 250 births as the primary midwife. Melinda practices holistic patient-centered care for her clients. In this episode, Melinda chats about how birth is a natural process, the difference between midwives and doulas, and how midwives support birthing mommas. She shares how to find a reliable midwife in your area and what prenatal care looks like. Melinda talks about how midwives are trained in normal so they can easily spot when something abnormal happens during birth.

Melinda's website:

Episode Highlights:

1:00- All about Melinda: her family/childhood and what led her to become a midwife.

5:58- Midwifery regulations and training to become a midwife.

8:29- What a midwife is and how they assist birthing mothers. The difference between midwives and doulas.

12:13- Questions to ask when looking for a midwife and resources to see statistics for home births.

22:11- The cascade of interventions and how safe home births really are. Melinda's 3-strike rule.

29:16- What prenatal care looks like when working with a midwife. Appointments, equipment, and glucose testing.

46:00- The importance of finding a midwife who supports you and your birth goals.

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