The Bean Protocol Diet with Health Coach Unique Hammond

by Branch Basics | 03/10/2022

The Bean Protocol Diet with Health Coach Unique Hammond

About Unique Hammond

Unique Hammond is a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Crohn’s survivor, a proud Bean Protocol Specialist, Author, Certified International Health Coach, Life Coach, wife, and mother who has helped countless individuals balance hormones, lose weight and heal gut imbalances. In this episode, Marilee and Unique chat about Unique's health journey, how stress is just as toxic as chemicals, and how Unique found the Bean Protocol. Unique shares her current lifestyle and her health coaching business.

Episode Highlights:

3:16- Unique's story unfolded. Her childhood, how stress is toxic to the body, and when she started getting sick.

12:56- More detail into when Unique became sick and started trying to heal.

24:59- Unique's journey after she decided to try a functional approach to her Chron's diagnosis.

33:27- How Unique found the Bean Protocol and how it changed her life.

46:19- How Unique upregulated her body to handle our toxic world.

55:28- Why and how the beans help women's cycle and hormones.

1:02:29- All about Unique's health coaching practice.

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