The Benefits & How To's of Baby-Led Weaning With Blogger Mada Lavey

by Branch Basics | 08/19/2021

The Benefits & How To's of Baby-Led Weaning With Blogger Mada Lavey

About MadaLeigh

Madison Lavey "Mada Leigh" is a natural living blogger in Celina, TX. She is a momma of two girls who uses her Instagram and blog as a resource to others. In this episode, Mada breaks down Baby-Led weaning, including the pros of it, signs of readiness, and how all parents can feel confident feeding their babies using this method. Mada shares some of her favorite resources and easy recipes!

Instagram: @mada_leigh


Episode Highlights:

1:36- A little about Mada: how she got into the natural wellness space and started sharing Baby Led Weaning on her Instagram page.

7:17- What Baby Led Weaning is and the pros of feeding your baby this way. Mada explains the “Bliss Method” which gives moms flexibility and balance.

16:08- When Mada started feeding her girls solids based on the signs of readiness and how to prepare your baby’s feeding space.

21:28- How to prevent babies from choking. Plus, the difference between choking vs gagging.

26:54- How Mada prepares different foods for her babies, the first foods she gave her girls, why she avoids salt for children under one, and her opinion on allergen foods.

37:16- How Mada gets her girls to try new foods. Mada’s favorite snacks and go-to meals.

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