Clean & Sustainable Clothing with Mate The Label Founder Kayti O'Connell Carr

by Branch Basics | 10/06/2022

About Kayti   

Kayti O'Connell Carr is the Founder of Mate The Label, a clothing brand that provides clean essentials made with organic fabrics and low-impact dyes. In this episode, Kayti talks about her journey starting Mate, learning about sustainability and ethical farming practices in the clothing industry, and how Mate aims to make the cleanest product possible "from seed to skin." She also talks about toss the toxins in her life, becoming a mother and her favorite wellness and self-care practices. 

Episode Highlights

1:40- Kayti talks about her past corporate job and how she came up with the idea of Mate The Label

7:05- Kayti talks about ethical and sustainable factors in the clothing industry and how toxic creating clothing is on human health - from farming to manufacturing processes

12:30- How clean beauty, clean food and tossing the toxins has an impact on your holistic health 

16:15- Kayti and Allison discuss circular fashion and circulatory retailers 

22:15- How having a baby has changed Kayti's work life balance

28:00- What a typical day looks like for Kayti between her work and her family

34:20- Kayti shares lessons learned and tips for entrepreneurs   

Resources Mentioned:

Mate The Label Website

Mate The Label Instagram