Healing Hashimoto's & How Common Does Not Mean Normal With Carly Brawner

by Branch Basics | 09/30/2021

About Carly Brawner

Carly Johnson Brawner is a non-toxic living expert, certified health-coach and Hashimoto's patient and advocate. Carly uses her platform to guide her community in a simplified exploration of a holistic life. In this episode, Carly chats about her healing journey and shifting to a non-toxic lifestyle, how just because something is common does not mean it is normal and she shares how important it is to be an advocate for yourself.

Instagram: @carlyjohnsonbrawner

Website: www.carlyjohnsonbrawner.com

Episode Highlights:

1:42- Carly's story: Childhood, when she got sick, being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and finding her way to a holistic way of healing.

12:22- The changes Carly implemented when starting to heal and where she is now.

20:22- When Carly started removing harmful personal care and home products from her life and the change she saw.

28:28- Carly on her thoughts about how "common is not normal."

33:08- Being respectful of those who are not ready to heal in a holistic way and the importance of being an empowered patient.

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