Pelvic Floor Health: What It Means & Why It's Important With Doctor Of Physical Therapy, Jessica Bowman

by Branch Basics | 09/16/2021

About Jessica Bowman

Jessica Bowman is a wife and working momma of 3. She has her Doctorate in physical therapy and is currently specialized in helping women strengthen their pelvic floor. In this episode, Jessica talks about why the pelvic floor is so important, its functions, and the benefits of pelvic floor therapy for post-partum mommas. Jessica shares how to find a reliable Physical Therapist near you.

Instagram: @fwpelvichealth


Episode Highlights:

2:18- All about Jessica. Her education, her current practice, & why she decided to specialize on the pelvic floor.

7:43- All about the pelvic floor and its functions. Plus, what dysfunction in the pelvic floor can look like.

18:55- What pelvic floor therapy looks like and the benefits.

26:33- Things you can do daily for a healthy pelvic floor.

38:35- Finding a good pelvic floor doctor near you.

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