Branch Basics Co-Founder Allison Evans On Her Journey to Healing

by Branch Basics | 06/08/2021

featured image: Branch Basics Co-Founder Allison Evans On Her Journey to Healing

About Allison

Branch Basics co-founder Allison Evans has dedicated herself to helping others reap the benefits of clean living. She, along with her husband and two daughters, recently left Houston for the country life as she heals from a recent mold exposure and diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease. Follow her story on our Instagram and read more about her journey to fertility on the Branch Basics blog.

Episode Highlights

0:58- Allison's digs into her diet, health and lifestyle as a childhood, teenage and during college.

7:58- Allison begins to feel back pain and other symptoms pointing to chronic illness.

14:08- Kelly reflects on their college years when Allison was so sick.

15:37- Allison's journey with different doctors and then working with Marilee to find the source to her chronic pain.

21:52- The changes Allison started to implement first and the challenges that came her way.

29:36- Kelly and Allison reflect on their summer spent with Marilee in Texas Hill Country.

37:50- The women discuss the reproductive system and how it is the last part of the body that will heal.

40:04- Allison remembers getting her period back and trying to start a family.

41:46- Recently after mold exposure, Allison talks about being diagnosed with Lyme disease and working through that diagnosis.

46:03- Allison digs into the emotional side of her pain and healing.