The Many Benefits of Bone Broth With FOND Founder Alysa Seeland

by Branch Basics | 09/22/2022

The Many Benefits of Bone Broth With FOND Founder Alysa Seeland

About Alysa 

Alysa Seeland is the Founder and CEO of FOND Bone Broth. In this episode, Alysa talks about her personal healing journey that led her to discover the benefits of bone broth. She discusses how she came to start FOND, the complexities of making high-quality bone broth and "bringing the farmers market to the shelves". Kelly and Alysa talk about all the benefits of bone broth and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle and diet. 

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Episode Highlights

1:20- Alysa's personal health and healing journey and how she used food as medicine

6:10- How she thought of the idea to start FOND Bone Broth  

9:25- The current retail options for bone broth and how FOND is different

11:00- Alysa describes the main benefits of clean, high-quality bone broth

19:20- How to introduce bone broth to your diet when you are healing  

22:50- Alysa digs into the quality of sourcing for FOND and more on their farming partners

25:05- More about the cooking process of FOND bone broth 

27:01- The power of listening to your body and giving it what it needs to heal, having a healing mindset 

35:37- How Alysa learned all about nutrition and food as medicine 

Resources Mentioned:

FOND Bone Broth Website

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