Breaking Down Baby-Led Weaning with Leading Expert Katie Ferraro

by Branch Basics | 05/05/2022

Breaking Down Baby-Led Weaning with Leading Expert Katie Ferraro

About Katie Ferraro

Katie Ferraro is a registered dietitian and mom of 7 specializing in baby-led weaning (BLW). She's also a college nutrition professor and runs the largest digital community dedicated to baby-led weaning. In this episode, Katie and Allison chat about the benefits of BLW, signs of readiness, how to mitigate choking fears, how to take advantage of what's called "the flavor window" and more.

Episode Highlights

2:11- All about Katie and how she found BLW

6:20- Benefits of BLW, trusting the process, and knowing when your baby is ready to start solids

19:21- The fear of choking when doing BLW and how to mitigate, the difference between gagging versus choking

22:33- Transitioning from purée to BLW & incorporating purées with BLW, and top first foods to start with

30:19- How to safely feed your baby. Parents responsibilities versus baby

36:40- The Flavor Window - what it is and how to take advantage of it. How quickly you can introduce new foods

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