Non-Toxic Home Building With Green Design Center Founder Andy Pace

by Branch Basics | 10/20/2022

Non-Toxic Home Building With Green Design Center Founder Andy Pace

Episode Description

Andy Pace is a renowned expert in non-toxic and healthy building materials and has worked closely with Marilee over the years.  He founded Green Building Design in 1992 and has contributed to starting many similar businesses throughout his career. Allison and Andy discuss the importance of using healthy building materials, the difference between health and “green” building materials, and where to start. Listen in as they dive into all things non-toxic building while Allison shares some of her own experiences. 

Episode Highlights

0:24 - Introductions and background on Andy and his creation of the Green Design Center

2:48 - Andy talks about the evolution of healthy home building and why many are starting to care about the materials used in the home.

6:50 - Chemicals added to building materials and their effects.

11:31 - Allison and Andy discuss how to avoid feeling overwhelmed and how to talk to contractors.

21:46 - Andy lays out the most important areas to prioritize when building a healthy home.

26:22 - Andy talks about mold and the effects it has on the home and human health.

30:15- Andy discusses different types of flooring, what he looks for, and what he recommends avoiding. 

40:50 - Andy and Allison address the value in building a healthy and high-quality home.

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