What is Biological Dentistry with Dr. David Francis, DDS

by Branch Basics | 01/13/2022

What is Biological Dentistry with Dr. David Francis, DDS

About Dr. David Francis

Dr. David Francis practices biological dentistry in Spring, TX. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston and received his certification of Biological Dentistry through the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. In this episode, Dr. Francis breaks down the difference between biological and conventional dentistry, how the mouth functions with the rest of the body, why nutrition is important for healthy teeth and how he's helped patients heal holistically.

Episode Highlights:

1:26- All about Dr. Francis and his path to biological dentistry. The differences between conventional and biological dentistry.
14:46- How our mouth is connected to the rest of our body and proactive things we can do to protect our teeth. More information on root canals and metal fillings.
23:58- How Dr. Francis works from a whole body approach and how he connects his patients with other practitioners.
25:00- Dr. Francis on children's dentistry and the importance of nutrition for a healthy mouth.
28:15- Underdeveloped airways and how it's problematic for children.
33:15- How and why nutrition is foundational for healthy teeth.
37:34- Why Dr. Francis’ practice does not take insurance. The therapies he uses when performing dental surgery.
42:38- Resources to find a biological dentist.

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