Non-Toxic, Safe & Effective Way to Get Rid of Roaches

By Kelly Love |

Non-Toxic, Safe & Effective Way to Get Rid of Roaches

Now that spring is officially here, many of us are starting to get warm weather. We’re loving it here in Texas! However, with warm weather, roaches and other pests start to come out of the cracks and openings in our homes where they’ve been hiding in an attempt to stay warm during the winter.

Roaches are not only really gross and give you that creepy crawly feeling when you see them, they can spread food-borne illnesses and their waste and body parts can cause allergies.

Don't fret - there’s a very simple and inexpensive way to get roaches out of your home.

I’ve had noticeable success with this non-toxic, safe treatment of roaches in six different homes and four different cities. When we moved into our current home, I saw at least two roaches a day. It was summertime and they were MASSIVE. I was so disgusted, but within a week or so of making my homemade “roach bait”, we almost never saw any again!

Alright, here it is:

Simple DIY Roach Bait

Mix equal parts of:
  • Powdered sugar
  • Yellow cornmeal (use fine cornmeal)
  • Borax or boric acid*

*Note: I have always used Borax with success, but if you have heavy infestation you might want to try boric acid instead. You can purchase this at your local pharmacy.

With this mixture, place the mixture in caps around the house. I use jar lids and the caps of empty supplement bottles - so I always have them around! No need to purchase anything new for htis.

Great places to put these little contraptions are under refrigerator, furniture, and in the back of cabinets. There’s no exact number of caps you should put out... it depends on your house and how many you believe would work best. Just use your best judgement!

If it is a heavy infestation, go for a more concentrated effort. I usually put five or six in my kitchen and two or three in my bathrooms.

Important Note

If you have children and/or pets, make sure to place these caps in places where they cannot access.

I have a toddler and young kiddos around often, so I put them in inconspicuous places they won't be able to access them. You can even place them on countertops (hidden behind things so they’re not an eyesore). Use child locks on cabinets that your kids could possibly get into. I put the majority of these caps in the kitchen (as that is typically where roaches are found).

You've Got This!

This DIY roach bait should rid your house of roaches in about two weeks and works up to a year. It is much more effective (not to mention safe and non-toxic!!!) than having a pest control service treat your home with pesticides. Good luck!

Kelly Love

Kelly Love

Kelly is proof that switching to a pure, natural lifestyle is powerful even for those who consider themselves healthy. She’s experienced how much our everyday choices impact our quality of life and is passionate about helping others see and feel the connection. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi with her husband and two daughters.