Our Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning Guide

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Our Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning Guide

Warmer weather is here and we all know what that means: it's time for spring cleaning! Now's the best time of year to give our spaces a deep clean in preparation for warmer weather. Follow our Spring Cleaning Guide below to make sure your home gets the best, non-toxic clean.

Materials You'll Need

For dust removal:

Next level deep cleaning option:

  • Ladybug Dry Steam Cleaner - see introduction video on website for application options. Read why we prefer dry steam heat cleaning over steam cleaning. 

      Places You Forget To Clean

      Cleaning Instructions

      Note: Test Branch Basics solution first on a surface or fabric you are unsure about. Always test in an inconspicuous place.


      Pull larger appliances away from the wall. Always work from top to bottom.

        1. Dust the top, back, front and sides in that order. Use a HEPA vacuum or microfiber.
        2. If feasible, HEPA vacuum or microfiber mop the floor behind the appliance.
        3. Clean the outside of the appliance with All-Purpose and a damp microfiber cloth. If the appliance is stainless steel and the All-Purpose leaves streaks, use Streak-Free spray instead.
        4. Clean the inside of the appliance with All-Purpose.

      Bathroom Exhaust Fan Vents

      Once a month use your vacuum with the brush attachment to remove dust from the vents. Spray a damp microfiber and wipe the vents clean.


      Every one to three months air out and HEPA vacuum the mattress. Under beds, HEPA vacuum once or twice a week. If you have asthma or other respiratory issues, vacuum daily. Consider using the Ladybug Dry Steam Cleaner to kill dust mites, bed bugs, and reduce exposure to allergens.


      Every month HEPA vacuum or dust the baseboards, paying the most attention to the margin at the top next to the sheetrock. Spray All-Purpose and wipe baseboards clean.


      HEPA vacuum first. Spot treat stains with All-Purpose* and agitate. For extra cleaning power, sprinkle Oxygen Boost* on top and continue to agitate. Wipe and vacuum excess. Do NOT let Oxygen Boost sit on colored carpet long as it can lighten the color. 

      Deep Clean Carpet with a very dilute solution of Branch Basics in a Carpet Cleaning Machine - Search Carpet Cleaning Machine in our User Guide for dilution instructions.

      Consider a Ladybug Dry Steam Cleaner for a next level clean especially if there are embedded fragrance chemicals and allergens in your carpet. Note that dry steamed carpet dries almost instantly whereas a steam cleaned carpet may take a few days to fully dry. This is one reason we recommend dry steam cleaning over steam cleaning.

      *ALWAYS TEST FIRST! When cleaning fabric, carpet, or upholstery stains, always test on a hidden area first to make sure the solution does not lighten the fabric or leave water marks. 

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      Follow the cleaning instructions on the tag. It helps to take them down, shake them out, and sun them a bit.

      Dishwasher & Dishwasher Filter

      Spray sides down with All-Purpose. Add a cup of vinegar to the top rack and run an empty cycle. Don’t forget to clean the dishwasher filter. We recommend soaking it in 1 scoop Oxygen Boost and 1 tsp of Concentrate overnight. Then rinse clean.

      Door Knobs

      Spray with All-Purpose and wipe clean.

      Door Frames

      Once a month, dust the much forgotten frame above doorways. Spray a damp microfiber with All-Purpose and wipe round the ledge to clean.


      Healthy houseplants need regular dusting and cleaning. Knowing how to care for your different plants is vital to their well-being. Make sure to clean the leaves, planters, and base.


      Clean with a microfiber feather duster tool for ease and safety.


      Spray with All-Purpose and wipe clean.

      Garbage Disposal

      Once a month or when needed, add ½ cup baking soda and then one cup white vinegar to the disposal. Let this sit for 15 minutes. During that time, spray All-Purpose on the rubber flaps along the neck of the disposal. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then scrub with a toothbrush. Pour hot water into the disposal while running to clean and deodorize. You can also routinely run lemon rinds through to keep your disposal smelling fresh.

      HVAC Floor Register Supply Vents

      Every month HEPA vacuum and remove floor register vents. Clean vent with All-Purpose. HEPA vacuum the cavity of all dust and debris. Replace cleaned vent.

      HVAC Return Filters

      HEPA vacuum the filter grill and change filters every month or at least every season. We recommend Filtrete Filters. Do not use Smart Filters (because of EMF issues), electronic filters (they emit ozone), or filters treated with a biocide or antimicrobial.


      HEPA vacuum the keyboard or use compressed air to remove dust and then clean with Branch Basics. If you don’t have a HEPA vacuum or compressed air, no worries. Simply, spray a microfiber cloth with All-Purpose and wipe clean.

      Light Fixtures

      Make sure lights are turned off. Spray a damp microfiber with All-Purpose and wipe clean.

      Light Switches

      Spray a damp microfiber with All-Purpose and wipe the light switch clean.


      Spray a damp microfiber cloth with All Purpose and wipe clean.


      Turn off the radiator. HEPA vacuum all surfaces, vacuuming from top to bottom. Use a hair dryer or compressed air to blow away dust that the HEPA vacuum can’t reach. Clean radiator surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth sprayed with All-Purpose.

      Remotes, Mouses & Screens

      Spray a damp microfiber cloth (or screens directly) with Streak Free and wipe clean. Use All-Purpose spray on remotes and mouses.

      Stove Exhaust Hood & Filters

      To clean hood: Dust first and then spray All-Purpose liberally. Let dwell for 5 minutes to break down grease and grime. Wipe clean with a microfiber. Do not spray light bulbs or any other electrical components.

      To clean filters: Remove for cleaning or replacement. If you have metal filters, remove and wash in warm water and one tsp Concentrate. Some are dishwasher safe. Charcoal filters can’t be washed but can be dusted or vacuumed. Replace every six months to a year, depending on usage.

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      Wall Return & Ceiling Supply Vents

      HEPA vacuum or dust the vents. Next, clean the vent by wiping with a damp cloth sprayed with All-Purpose. If extremely dirty, unscrew the vent and clean in a warm soapy Branch Basics solution (1 tsp. Concentrate to 3-4 cups water). Dry before returning to its place.

      Dust & Clean Your Walls and Ceiling

      The ultimate spring cleaning! Once a year do this remarkable deep clean of your walls and ceiling. You won’t regret it and may be surprised at how fresh and clean your house smells after this process. Consider a Ladybug Dry Steam Cleaner for a next level option to help remove embedded fragrance chemicals and other allergens!

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      Washing Machine & Dryer Interiors

      Washing Machine: Clean your washing machine with vinegar to clear mineral buildup + mold and mildew issues. To detoxify your machines, follow our steps here.

      Front Loader Washing Machine: Clean the front door gasket frequently to avoid mold and mildew buildup. Pull the gasket back and spray on All-Purpose. Let this sit for a few minutes and wipe clean. If desired, wipe the gasket with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Keep the door open between washes to dry out the gasket and prevent mold.

      Dryer Maintenance - every three to six months:

      1. Clean the dryer exhaust vent. Remove the vent from the back of the dryer and take off any lint with your hands and/or a HEPA vacuum.
      2. Clean the outside vent cap of any debris or dirt buildup.
      3. Clean the lint screen in a solution of warm water and 1 tsp. Concentrate.
      4. Dry the screen.
      5. Before replacing the screen, HEPA vacuum inside the lint trap holder.
      6. Wipe the inside of the dryer with a damp microfiber and All-Purpose.
      7. Refresh and clean the dryer by soaking a big bath towel with 2 cups white vinegar and water. Then run through a drying cycle.

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      Water Heater

      Please review your manufacturers “Use and Care Guide” for instructions particular to your unit. Drain your water heater once a year to prolong its life.

      1. Shut off the water supply to your heater.
      2. Turn the power or gas supply off to your water heater. Unplug the heater, if possible.
      3. Take a hot shower to help drain the heater and let the water cool and sit overnight.
      4. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the water heater. Place the other end of the hose outside, preferably downhill through a door and not a window.
      5. Turn on a hot water tap nearest the water heater. This will assist in draining until the water runs clear.
      6. Open the drain valve to flush out water from the water heater… this removes accumulated sediment.
      7. Turn the water supply back on to flush the tank with fresh, clean water. Continue until the water runs clear.
      8. Close the drain valve.
      9. Remove the hose. Hold the hose up in the air as you walk outside.
      10. Turn the power or gas supply back on.

        Windows & Window Sills

        Spray windows with Streak Free and use a microfiber to wipe clean. For window sills above the windows, dust first, then spray All-Purpose on a damp microfiber and wipe areas clean.

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        The Branch Basics Deep Cleaning Method

        Our Deep Cleaning Method removes chemical residues, pesticides and allergens, immediately boosting your indoor air quality. This process will take roughly 2-4 hours for one person to complete one furnished, average sized room. Here are the four basic steps we will cover in this deep cleaning tutorial:

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