How to Wash Your Pet with Branch Basics (The Non-Toxic Way!)

By Carly Farmer |

How to Wash Your Pet with Branch Basics (The Non-Toxic Way!)

When I brought my new puppy Arlo home, I knew it was going to be a big life adjustment. But little did I know just how much my new companion would change my life—for the better!

Bringing a new dog into the home is such a fun and exciting time, but it’s also worth noting that it’s tough work. Puppies’ training needs, energy and overall maintenance are definite commitments, but I believe it’s well worth it. I wouldn't trade Arlo for anything!

Just as you care deeply about creating a safe haven for all the humans in your household, it’s equally important to create a nontoxic space for your new best friend. That includes the type of wash you use on their fur or skin, as it can be detrimental to their health and wellness.

Always start by reading your labels and ensure that none of the ingredients in the product contain sulfates, parabens, phosphates, DEA, synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes. These are harmful to our furry friends health and can be irritating to skin and cause allergic reactions. We also recommend checking all of the ingredients of your pet's products on EWG to ensure they are a 1.

Along with all the cleaning help Branch Basics can provide with getting a new pet (or just maintaining a clean household with a pet!), you can also bathe your pet with BB! It's gentle enough for all skin and will make fur soft and fluffy. Read on for directions,

How to bathing your pup (and other furry pets!) the non-toxic way:

Fill the tub with warm water

  • Arlo loves baths (and jumping in the shower!) but I find I can get him the cleanest in the bath. If you have a larger dog or one that hates being in the bath, a hose outside will work the same way.
Use the Branch Basics Foamer (& scrub a dub dub!)
  • Use the foamer (liberally) and create a heavy lather. Dog fur and hair holds onto a lot of grime, so the lather is crucial. Focus on paws, underbelly and the derrière for optimal freshness.
Rinse and repeat (if necessary)
  • After the lather, rinse with warm water. I find it’s easiest to use a cup to fill with water or a removable shower head.

Dry & brush

  • Towel dry your pup and then brush them out. Certain dog breeds and coats need more brushing than others. Spruce Pets has a great article on the different types of grooming needs.
Voila! You have a fresh and clean pup. Now don’t blame me if they are feeling real frisky after their Branch Basics bath!

Have you tried Branch Basics on your pups? Let us know in the comments below! And stay tuned for our post on stain treatment for pets.