Welcome to the New Branch Basics: A Message from the Founders


Welcome to the New Branch Basics

We didn’t set out to sell soap. We removed synthetic ingredients from our diet and everyday products and experienced the radical transformation that truly healing environments can provide. During this experience, we found that switching to truly safe cleaning products was the most impactful to help people create safe havens for their families. Instead of following the toxic path laid by traditional cleaners and, unfortunately, most “green” cleaners, we committed to making a cleaning product that was radically different: a “human safe” cleaner that tackles virtually every home cleaning need, is as (or more!) effective than conventional cleaners, and is cheaper and less wasteful to boot!

At Branch Basics, we don’t think of ourselves as a “soap” company. We’re igniting a movement that truly Redefines Clean.

This past year has been a huge one for Branch Basics. A lot has changed in our company, but one thing has stayed exactly the same: our commitment to safety, purity, simplicity and effectiveness.

You’ve let us into your homes because you know we sell a safe cleaning product you like to use. Our job is to help our customers use “human safe” products to make truly clean environments where they can grow and stay healthy.


We still sell ONE Concentrate that replaces virtually any cleaner in your house. No more “What product do I buy for the soap scum in the bathroom?” or “What can I use to pretreat my cloth diapers?” We take the complications out of buying products and cleaning your home. By selling in concentrate and refilling with our new easy-to-use bottles, we can charge you 50% less per bottle than store-bought brands and save you around $300 a year!

Our 100% plant-based, active enzyme-based formula utilizes the best raw ingredients and an old-world method to make a non-irritating (alkaline pH) soap that has live enzymes to maximize cleaning power.

Our new branding conveys what we’ve always been about. We’re about People, which is why we spend a lot of our time on education and empowerment. We’re about Purity, which to us means getting back to the original definition of “clean”, and not using any harmful ingredients. We’re about Power and Practicality, because we think that we shouldn’t have to sacrifice “clean” for “green”.


You’ll notice these messages on our new bottles:

Power of Pure


We’ve experienced how important it is to remove products with harmful chemicals from our homes and then replace them with safe ones. Using truly pure products can transform your life. Branch Basics concentrated pure soap packs a powerful punch. A little bit goes a long way  – Bring on life’s messes!

Human Safe

We think everyone should use products that won’t irritate your skin, lungs, or eyes. Even if you accidentally ingested our soap, you won’t have to call an ambulance. No warning labels here!

No Synthetics

We don’t cut corners by adding chemicals that you don’t need. Our food-grade ingredients create a powerful soap that you can afford to use.

Branch Basics Packaging Improvements

We’ve been listening to your feedback, too. We made Branch Basics more economical to ship, to try for the first time, and ultimately to use for basically everything. The soap has the same ingredients, but is now 2X as concentrated. Less water means less packaging and less cost – that’s a win-win for everyone. We’ve also made pouring and filling easier with new squeeze bottles and spouts. We switched the fill lines from bottom to top so the bottles don’t overflow with bubbles as you fill them. You no longer have to label your own dilutions or figure out which dilution/ratio to use – we now have bottles sorted into All-Purpose, Bathroom, and Streak-Free cleaners so you always fill them the same way.

Old Concentrate New Bottle Branch Basics

And your old bottles? Still great! Check out our FAQ about the new bottles and the new Concentrate to learn how to match old with new. You can use the old bottles with new soap and the old soap with new bottles. It’s easy!

Would you like to join our movement to Ditch Synthetics and Transform Your Life With The Power of Pure?

There are toxins everywhere – so many we can’t control. What we can control is what we bring inside our houses, we can create safe havens in the most important place in the world: our homes! We started this company to educate and enable others to live a less toxic lifestyle. We start with cleaning because it’s one of the easiest and most important ways to reduce your exposure to daily toxins. In one fell swoop you can fill up a trash bag full of toxic cleaners and replace virtually every single one with Branch Basics soap. This alone is doing our bodies a huge service, freeing up energy previously used to detox chemicals and allowing us to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Here are some ways you can participate:

  1. Read our blog and sign up for the Clean Sweep (newsletter), where we share our tips and tricks for living a clean life.
  2. Make your house a safe haven by removing toxic products from your home – read, remove, replace! Read the labels on all the products you use and buy: everything from food and drinks to shampoo and shaving cream. Remove the products with synthetic ingredients and replace with safe alternatives.
  3. Invest in a Starter Kit. It’s an affordable way to eliminate toxins and breathe easy. To celebrate our new design and packaging, we’re make the entire shop 15% off.

Happy Cleaning!

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  1. I purchased a large starter kit on January 24th at the old price but it was on back order and I haven’t received it yet. Will I receive the new more concentrated soap and bottles with new measurments when my order comes in?

  2. I am so Excited for you Beautiful Ladies and the whole entire Branch Basics team. Your product was already Phenomenal and you have just now sent it Over the edge, with this Gorgeous packaging and extra concentrated formula! So happy to be a Friend and Customer!

  3. I have just started using your soap. I have had it in my bathroom as a hand soap since December and i like it very much. Ive just started using it in the washer, the dishwasher and as an all purpose cleaner. Everything seems to work great. I am currently writing a post for my blog about 0% toxic cleaners, or so they claim. I am using your product as the best alternative to all the others out there. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  4. I just purchased Branch Basics for the first time about a month ago, and I’m loving it! I’m already excited to order again now that I see the gorgeous new changes you’ve made. Well done!

  5. Thank you for the new packaging. I just got my new large kit order today. A whole different experience bringing it home from the post office compared to the order I got in December. I love that it’s concentrated and easier to transport.

    Anyone who’s reading reviews and trying to decide whether to order this-just do it. It’s replacing every cleaning product as I use it up.

    It’s my laundry soap and does an incredible job. Just be sure to treat stains with branch basic and wash with branch basic while it’s still damp.

    It’s my hand soap. It’s my body wash. It’s my shampoo, although I’ll probably go back and forth between it and my Young Living shampoo. I dilute it like crazy and use it to clean my poor old dog who has to wear a diaper. I use it on her diapers and with a little added baking soda they come out odor free. I use it on the carpet when we have diaper failures. I mop with it. I use the same dilution that I use on the dog’s bottom as an air freshener. I clean my eyeglasses with it. I use it to clean my vitamix and wash my dishes. I’ve used it to clean ranch dressing off of black leather shoes. The dog crate. The microwave. Glass windows with greasy forehead prints. Coffee splatter on painted walls.

    I’m already on my second order and don’t plan to ever go back to cleaning with anything else.

    1. Thanks for this review! So glad you’re really putting BB to the test. And thanks for the feedback about the packaging. We can imagine that toting the smaller container back from the post office is a lot easier for you!


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