Our Favorite Books

Sometimes getting started in a new area of health or wellness can feel overwhelming without any road map. That is where books can be life-changers, inspirations and overall guides to becoming healthier versions of ourselves as individuals, parents and business owners. We put this post together to share our very favorite books – ones that have opened our minds, taught us valuable lessons and given us new space to learn and grow. 

Health and Wellness 

From basic health tips and recipes to info-packed topics and guidelines, the following books are the ones that have shaped our health beliefs – the books whose pages are bookmarked, dogeared, highlighted and starred. We are so thankful for the information they’ve imparted!

Parenting Books

While we are all about following your parenting instincts and listening to your gut, there are undoubtedly times where weaning the advice and experience of others is necessary! These books have greatly shaped the way we teach, discipline, connect with, listen to and talk to our children. In fact, we’d argue that they have helped us tap into that inner voice, so we can parent our little ones the way we feel is best.

Pregnancy Books

These are some of our very favorite books that have contributed greatly to the health of our babies, our birth stories and our postpartum recovery.

Children’s Books

From helping a toddler foster connection to being read to by older kids, few things are more rewarding than experiencing a book with children! Great discussion, amazing way to strengthen bonds, widen their horizons, expand their imagination and improve their reading skills! The following have been wonderful to read to our toddlers to help their emotional intelligence.

Giving them names for their feelings helps them deal with and express their emotions. 

The following are great for fostering connection when read to young children:

The following are some of our personal favorites, arranged by average age:

Age 2-4

Age 5-7

Age 7-8

Age 9+

What are your favorite books? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Such a great list!! Just ordered Nourishing Traditions two days ago, so I’m excited to see its made your list! I would add “The Fifth Vital Sign” by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack and “It Starts With the Egg” by Rebecca Felt, they are two of my Health and Wellness favorites.

  2. The Tales of the Kingdom trilogy is one of the greatest treasures of all storybooks. My husband discovered them before we had children and we happily devoured them over and over again. I would place them in the 6 or 8-10 year old range.

    1. These are AWESOME! I read them when I was little, and they’re great stories with great messages. 🙂 They’re a challenge to find though.


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