Navigating a Healthy Lifestyle During the Holidays

By Kelly Love |

Navigating a Healthy Lifestyle During the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, and this time of year can trigger a range of emotions.  

Throw wanting to make unconventional choices when eating or staying at someone else’s home into the mix... and it can amp up the stress even more. Even if it’s close family members that just aren’t on your same page about diet, fragrances, laundry detergents, etc. 

It’s hard sometimes! It can feel isolating. You don’t want to offend others and at the same time you want to make the choices you believe are best for you and your family's health! 

I want to share my perspective as well as some practical ways I handle this time of year. 

The Bigger Picture 

I recognize that toxins are so commonplace and virtually impossible to avoid completely that it can come across so extremely inconvenient and ridiculous when trying.

Harmful chemicals (and electromagnetic frequencies) are so insidious and ubiquitous that it seems like everyone has accepted them, and now it’s somehow weird or snobby to not want to eat certain foods or use harmful chemicals in your home.

As a society we have to wake up to the fact that, sadly, most companies and industries prioritize the bottom line of their financials over human health. We have to understand  that we’ve grown accustomed (even addicted) to things that are not created for our best interest.

Yet, we also have to respect that people realize  and care about this at different times, have different priorities on what they spend their time and money on, and make changes at their own pace.

My Personal Approach 

When I first became aware and passionate about everything I know now, I couldn’t understand why people weren’t as fired up as I was. (You mean you’re going to keep eating/using that even though it’s a known carcinogen?!) 

I’m pretty sure I came on too strong and made people feel judged even though that wasn’t my intention. I genuinely care and don’t want others to suffer!

But I had to figure out by trial and error the best approach that fits both my personality and others’ beliefs. 

Today, I thoughtfully decide when to speak up, when to hold my tongue, when to let my actions speak louder than words, and when to do things quietly behind the scenes without making something a big deal.

We all have the right to choose what matters to us and when we want to gently, but confidently, stand our ground. It’s not always easy, especially when you feel alone, are the brunt of the jokes or can sense people talking about you behind your back!

I don’t have all the answers and I’m not living this out perfectly. I just try my best to make the most responsible, respectful, and intentional choices I can while being true to myself yet not pushing it on others.

Try Not To Over-Stress

One of the biggest pieces of advice I give to others is to try not to over-stress about it all. I’m a big believer in fear and stress being one of the worst toxins of all. 

Because I am well and not trying to heal, I’m okay with going outside my norms in situations I cannot control from time to time. I want to enjoy my time with others and not be stressing out about things I can't change.

Again, it’s all about figuring out what your priorities are during your different stages of life.

Practical Things I Do

Here are some things I’ve done for years that can be done under the radar. With a little planning ahead, it’s much easier to minimize your exposure to harmful chemicals while still enjoying all the holiday fun. 

  • Eat before or after and just mingle⁠ while at an event 
  • Contribute to a meal – usually a big soup, salad and/or roasted veggies⁠
  • Bring my own drinks (usually sparkling water and organic wine) 
  • Take a shower and wash hair after being in a place with candles/fragrance⁠
  • Pack pillowcase, washcloth and personal care items if staying somewhere⁠ (pillow, sheet, blanket and towel if a longer stay and driving)
  • Remove toxic products from the vacation house and/or bedroom if possible (put outside). If not, put them in a cabinet, bathroom or closet to minimize exposure. 
  • Stay super hydrated with good quality water – fill glass or stainless steel water bottles up with filtered water before driving
  • Pack snacks and food when flying or driving 

Check out our blog post 11 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays for more. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, this lifestyle does take more effort, more time and sometimes more money (not always!) to avoid toxins. 

But it’s 100% worth it to me to feel my best  and do what I believe is best for my family. And no one can argue with that! I hope you have a stress-free holiday season and happy new year! 

Kelly Love

Kelly Love

Kelly is proof that switching to a pure, natural lifestyle is powerful even for those who consider themselves healthy. She’s experienced how much our everyday choices impact our quality of life and is passionate about helping others see and feel the connection. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi with her husband and two daughters.