10 Ways To Use Branch Basics When Traveling

By Marilee Nelson |

10 Ways To Use Branch Basics When Traveling

Whether it’s a road trip, plane trip, or just a day-trip, traveling is a big part of life. It can also present its share of challenges, especially when you’re trying to maintain a healthy, low-tox lifestyle even when on the road. Some of the trickiest things to avoid in that vein are germs, radiation from air travel, and unwanted chemicals in the form of chemical residues, antibacterial cleaners, and pesticides.

We’ve experienced these challenges ourselves, and inspired us to start experimenting with Branch Basics on the road. We were thrilled with how it helped us keep things clean and germ-free while avoiding common travel toxins!

That’s why we created the Branch Basics Travel Kit. These products are TSA-approved, and will help you have a healthier and more earth-friendly trip.

Furthermore, here are 10 of the ways you can use Branch Basics on your next trip to stay healthy and enjoy your time.

#1: As a hand soap


The Foaming Wash (or All-Purpose) can easily be stored in your purse or carry-on and used to wash your hands in public restrooms.

We’ve also used it when in the car if needed - and typically like to use bottled water to rinse off as it can feel sticky. However this is a great way to wash your hands on-the-go.

#2: Clean produce on-the-go

One of the best ways to stay healthy while traveling is to focus on eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, the benefits of these foods can be negated if they’re not cleaned properly.

To avoid this, spray your apples, pears, grapes, etc. with All-Purpose, rub, and rinse. This will not only remove dirt and germs, but can help reduce certain pesticide residues and waxes if you can’t find organics on-the-road.

#3: Clean your shoes and suitcase wheels & handles

Shoes and suitcase wheels pick up an insane amount of germs, bacteria, viruses, fecal matter, pesticides, gasoline, and heavy metals while going through airports, restrooms, public transit stations, gas stations, rest stops, parks, etc.

No, it’s not nice to think about, but you can do something about it: clean them with All-Purpose. When you get to your final destination, remove your shoes before entering your hotel room or Airbnb and leave your suitcase either outside the door or bring it into the entryway and place it on the suitcase rack (not your bed).

Spray the soles of your shoes with a couple squirts of All-Purpose. Let dwell for 3-5 minutes, wipe with a damp paper towel. Do the same with your suitcase wheels and handles, and if you have a hard-cover suitcase go ahead and spray down the whole thing.

This hack alone will protect you from a huge amount of unwanted travel germs that could make you or your family ill.

#4: As a face and body wash and makeup remover

Sure, those hotel-size face and body washes may be convenient but they have a double-dark side. Most of them (even the “made with organic ingredients” labels) are filled with harmful chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances… not to mention their negative impact on the environment.

At the same time, no one likes to haul around their own tiny bottles of body wash, facial cleanser or makeup remover - especially with a large family in-tow. Foaming Wash to the rescue! Pre-measured and ready to use, this powerful cleanser is strong enough to use as a body wash but gentle enough to remove makeup (even mascara) and cleanse sensitive skin (even baby skin). Just one pump will do for facial cleansing and a couple pumps for body wash.

#5: As a surface cleaner


Have you seen the exposes on the germs they’ve found lurking on airplane seats and trays, restaurant tables and other public surfaces? It’s pretty shocking and something to be aware of when traveling.

All-Purpose can be used to remove germs from surfaces with just a couple squirts. If you’d rather not spray it (like on an airplane) you can discreetly spritz it on a paper towel or baby wipe, then wipe down the surface. Done and done.

#6: Spot-cleaning clothes

Between rushing for planes, eating out and traveling with kids and their snacks…clothes are bound to get a few stains. This may not be a big deal if you’re staying somewhere with a washing machine, but if you won’t be near one for a few days—or even a few hours, everyday stains can wind up ruining your clothes fast.

To avoid a fashion catastrophe, just squirt All-Purpose on the stain as soon as possible. Agitate and let sit for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.

If the stain doesn’t come out, then leave it to dwell until you can get to a sink. Then rinse and repeat if necessary. This trick works on (nearly) all types of stains if you get to them quick enough.

#7: Wipe down door knobs, remote controls and other hotel accessories

Once again, All-Purpose creates a barrier between you and those invisible germs and travel toxins hiding in hotel rooms and vacation rentals. We like to spray down things like doorknobs, remote controls, the safe, the shower head, and surfaces that may have been cleaned with chemical cleaners that left residue. When in doubt, spray and wipe with All-Purpose.

Parent tip: We also keep All-Purpose and Foaming Wash handy for cleaning off pacifiers and toys while on the road.

#8: Washing dishes

Did you know that All-Purpose can be sprayed directly onto dishes for handwashing? It’s so simple; just spray, scrub, rinse, and dry. No need to use that chemical-based dish detergent provided at your Airbnb or rental, or to call down to room service for another clean cup. Just spray, scrub, rinse, done.

This is especially helpful for those of us who like to prepare our own food on the road and bring along re-usable utensils. It’s also great for cleaning out sippy cups and snack cups. You can also use a few drops of Concentrate in a sink or wash basin if you prefer to do your dishes that way.

#9: To replace hand sanitizer

When we're in a pinch, All-Purpose can be used in place of hand sanitizer. While Branch Basics is not a sanitizer or disinfectant (read more on this subject here), it actually removes germs vs. killing them. BB also has no alcohol or other harmful antibacterial cleansers or preservatives and is fragrance-free.

Just spray a pump onto your hands, rub it in, and you’re done. If you are able to rinse your hands with bottled water after spraying and rubbing, that is ideal as it can get sticky. However, if you don't have any water on hand, this is still a safe option!

#10: Wipe down the rental car

All-Purpose is safe to use on interior car surfaces, like the steering wheel, dashboard, gear shift, emergency break, door handles and car seats. It removes germs and chemical residue, which can make all the difference if you’re spending a lot of time in the car. Use like you would on other surfaces, spray on and wipe off.

Note: if your rental car has an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror, remove it and throw it out immediately. These chemical-based air fresheners contain some of the world’s worst chemicals and should not be breathed in within such a small space…or ever!

Better yet, try calling ahead and asking them not to include an air freshener in your car. Given that synthetic fragrance is one of the world’s top allergens, they have to be accommodating.


These are just a few of the ways we’ve used BB Travel Kit on the road…

We’d love to hear how you use All-Purpose, Foaming Wash and Concentrate during your own travels. Share your travel tips with us on Instagram, and let’s get the word out about how to avoid germs and travel toxins while minimizing our environmental impact!

Marilee Nelson

Marilee Nelson

Marilee Nelson is an Environmental Toxins expert who has spent nearly 30 years advocating for the chemically-sensitive and chronically-ill. She is a Board Certified Nutritionist, Certified Bau-Biologist and Bau-Biology Inspector and specializes in Food As Medicine. She has helped thousands of families and individuals identify, heal and recover from toxic exposures and is on a mission to revolutionize the way American families view their health.