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Our Story

Branch Basics is rooted in personal experiences and stemmed out of the passion of three women. Nearly 25 years ago, Marilee Nelson was dedicated and willing to do whatever it took to help her son, then ten years old, recover from a severe chemical exposure. She refused to accept the bleak medical prognosis that he would not recover and began to explore alternative options that focused on creating healing environments and using food as medicine. Through her son’s long road to recovery she gained experiential wisdom and knowledge far beyond the four walls of a classroom or the pages in a textbook. It did not take long for others to seek out Marilee for their own health concerns, and in 1992 she began consulting full-time and established The House Doctors.

In 2007 her niece, Allison, called desperately seeking relief from chronic pain that over a dozen doctors could not explain. Marilee linked Allison’s physical breakdown to several factors – the main one being chemical exposure to new building materials when she moved into a newly-constructed apartment. Allison’s best friend and roommate, Kelly, was there to soak up the priceless information Marilee had to offer. Soon, a special bond between the three women formed and only grew stronger as the two college graduates moved out to the Texas Hill Country to live with Marilee for a summer. After realizing the extent of her knowledge, Allison and Kelly were determined to find a way to share it with the rest of the world. Thus, they created Three Branches Healthy Living, a website that provided a plethora of health information as well as sold the highest quality products for creating both a healthy home and body.

Among those products was a non-toxic all-in-one solution that Marilee, Allison and Kelly branded as Branch Basics. After many hours of bottling, labeling and shipping, it became a huge hit and they focused their efforts on using this product as a vehicle for their mission. They have and will continue to dedicate themselves to educating, inspiring and helping others to live healthy lives.

Allison, Kelly and Marilee

More About the Founders

Marilee Nelson, The House Doctors

VP of Product Quality and Education
Marilee Nelson

For almost 30 years, Marilee has been advocating clean, natural living. It all began at a young age, when a chronic kidney disorder left her facing dialysis and a kidney transplant. Not satisfied with those two options, she started studying “Food as Medicine” and avoided both dialysis and the kidney transplant! She saw clearly how the choices we make each day, such as the food we eat, can literally change the course of our life. Years later, her ten-year-old son, Douglas, was exposed to high levels of pesticides, leaving him extremely chemically sensitive to the point he could hardly function. The doctors’ prognoses was that he would never recover, but Marilee believed there had to be a way. She was a mom on a mission! She began studying how chemical exposures and the environment impact health. After a steep learning curve and seven years of discovery, Douglas fully recovered, attended the U.S. Naval Academy and is now married with two children, working in Japan as a Naval Aviation Intelligence Officer. Truly remarkable!

These experiences resulted in a strong commitment to help others with chronic illness and were the impetus for the creation of “The House Doctors”. Marilee is a Dietary and Environmental Consultant and Materials Specialist and is a go-to source for clients across the country who are chemically sensitive, chronically ill, and often given little hope for a normal life. She works from the premise that removing immune stressors facilitates the body’s innate design to heal and that eliminating synthetic chemicals from the diet and products in the home are foundational to health.

Marilee’s extensive knowledge of nutrition, building materials, and environmental toxins makes her the perfect VP of Product Quality and Education for Branch Basics. We seek to have the highest standards in the world and Marilee ensures those standards are upheld. When she’s not researching, consulting, or Skyping with her grandbabies, Marilee enjoys the beautiful Texas Hill Country where she resides with her husband, Doug. Read Marilee’s Full Story to get a more in-depth understanding of what she and Doug did to heal their son.

Allison Evans

VP of Sales
Allison Evans

In 2007, as a 20-year-old college student, Allison called her Aunt Marilee desperately seeking relief from sudden unexplained chronic pain and loss of motor skills that over a dozen doctors could not diagnose. Marilee linked Allison’s physical breakdown to chemical exposure from the building materials in her newly-constructed apartment. Over the course of six months, with Marilee’s guidance, Allison made changes in her diet and environment and experienced tremendous relief, but still had products containing toxic ingredients lingering in drawers and under cabinets. It wasn’t until she spent a summer with Marilee in an environment free of all synthetics that she experienced complete whole-body healing and became symptom-free. (Woohoo!) Allison has dedicated her life to helping others reap the same benefits of clean living. She now serves as the Branch Basics VP of Sales, telling the world about healthy living and the true healing power of using human-safe soap. She lives pain free with her highschool sweetheart, Will, in Austin, Texas. More about Allison.

Kelly Love

VP of Products
Kelly Love

Kelly and Allison met and became best friends during their college years at The University of Texas at Austin. After seeing how the changes in Allison’s diet and environment completely turned Allison’s health around, Kelly became hooked on living a cleaner, less toxic lifestyle herself. Kelly joined Allison at Marilee’s in the Texas Hill Country for a summer detox in an environment free of synthetics. The results? All of the “normal” problems Kelly had experienced her whole life: dry and itchy eyes, painful menstrual cramps, headaches, etc. disappeared! Turns out they don’t have to be normal after all and Kelly is now passionate about helping others avoid unnecessary suffering. She serves as the VP of Products for Branch Basics, overseeing product development for the company, so we can bring our customers more truly safe and effective solutions. Kelly is happy to live in Austin and now with her husband, Sam.