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Doing laundry with our Concentrate just got easier!  The laundry solution fights stains and odors, making laundry of any kind a breeze! 

See our User Guide for more specific cleaning uses and directions.

Usage Directions

Use ¾ capful (15 ml) per regular load.

For standard washers, add Oxygen Boost if using, start machine, add laundry solution, then clothes.

For HE washers, pour into dispenser. If using Oxygen Boost, add to drum before adding clothes.


The label is clearly marked with fill lines for both water and soap, making it super simple to mix up your laundry solution.

  1. Fill water to water line
  2. Add The Concentrate to soap line
  3. Slowly top off with water
  4. Gently shake after filling so it mixes well

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  1. Samantha

    Laundry Bottle – Branch BasicsThe concept of having a laundry bottle is really nice. Measuring out just 1 tsp can be cumbersome so diluting the formula and measuring out 1 Tbsp is easier. However, this bottle does not have a no-drip pour spout, just an open top with rim. This makes it messy when pouring as the mouth of the bottle is wider than the cap. Excess formula splashes down the sides of the cap leaving the cap messy and needing to be rinsed after each use. Then the formula drips down the front of the bottle itself eventually puddling on the shelf where the bottle is stored meaning I need to either clean the bottle after every use or clean the shelf frequently. So, while I really like the concept of having a bottle specifically for a laundry dilution this one creates more work for me than helps. If the the top can be tweaked to have a no-drip pour spout it would be perfect and definitely worthy of 5 stars. As of right now, whether or not one will benefit from using the laundry bottle depends on what is more annoying for the user: to measure out only 1 tsp of BB Concentrate or constantly be cleaning up formula drips. It is really more of a personal choice. The bottle itself is a good size and easy to handle. On doing laundry in general with BB Concentrate: It took me a while to figure out how to use BB products for laundry mostly because our water is extremely hard with TDS of 450+. High mineral content in water can interfere with how well soaps work so BB wasn’t working for laundry until I discovered the magic of citric acid. Citric acid acts as a water softener allowing BB Concentrate to do it job. So, if you have hard water and are having a hard time getting your clothes clean, I recommend giving citric acid a try. Citric acid can be found via a quick search on Amazon. FYI, I did try using vinegar as a water softener and it was total disaster; citric acid is far superior. For doing laundry, I use double the recommended amount of BB Concentrate plus 1-2 Tbsp of Oxygen Boost and 1-2 Tbsp of citric acid in every single load of laundry. This helps to keep my washing machine clean and free of hard water build up plus it cleaned out the old residue from using conventional laundry detergents. If my machine is clean with no residue I know my clothes are clean with no residue.

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