Laundry Bottle




Doing laundry with our Concentrate just got easier!  The laundry solution fights stains and odors, making laundry of any kind a breeze! 

See our User Guide for more specific cleaning uses and directions.

Usage Directions

Use ¾ capful (15 ml) per regular load.

For standard washers, add Oxygen Boost if using, start machine, add laundry solution, then clothes.

For HE washers, pour into dispenser. If using Oxygen Boost, add to drum before adding clothes.


The label is clearly marked with fill lines for both water and soap, making it super simple to mix up your laundry solution.

  1. Fill water to water line
  2. Add The Concentrate to soap line
  3. Slowly top off with water
  4. Gently shake after filling so it mixes well

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