Foaming Wash Bottle



Our Foaming Wash bottle is one you’ll want all over your home! Once filled with Branch Basics Concentrate and water, you can use this bottle in many ways beyond just hand washing. Try it out for washing your face, hair, and body as well as for shaving and removing make-up. At the kitchen sink, you can even suds up your dishes if you prefer foaming to spraying when dish washing.

  • Empty, refillable bottle
  • Thick, clear plastic that gives glass-like appearance
  • BPA-Free #1 PETE recyclable plastic
  • Uses just under 2 oz of The Concentrate
  • Mechanical, foaming pump produces a frothy lather for washing


Hands, Body, Face, Pets, Make-up Removal, Washing Hair, and Shaving.

See our User Guide for more specific cleaning uses and directions.


The label is clearly marked with fill lines for both water and soap, making it super simple to mix up your Hand + Body soap.

  1. Fill water to water line
  2. Add The Concentrate to soap line
  3. Gently shake after filling so the soap and water can mix well

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