Dryer Balls


Ditch your toxic dryer sheets with this all-natural alternative! Our wool dryer balls are made of 100% American wool and are free of pesticides, dyes and fragrance. Simply place the balls in the dryer with wet clothing to help soften fabric, reduce static and smooth wrinkles. They will even cut your dry time by 10-25%, saving you time and money! 



Bag contains 3 wool dryer balls.


100% American wool free of pesticides, dyes & fragrance.


Add all three dryer balls to dryer along with clean, wet clothes. Follow fabric care instructions for machine drying until clothes are fully dry.

Simply leave balls in dryer for next use and enjoy up to 1,000 loads. For better static reduction, secure a safety pin to each dryer ball.

product features

Humanely Raised Sheep: The babies are allowed to wean naturally from their mothers; they are not shorn until after one year old; no hormones or antibiotics; sheep are not washed with petroleum products; only humane shearing practices performed.

Organic Fields: No chemical fertilizers or pesticides used on the land (or sheep); organic compost only and strict permaculture practices.

Handmade with Care: From women coming out of tragic circumstances to stay-at-home moms needing income, our wool dryer balls are making a social impact in addition to health and safety.

Safe Wool Until the End: No pesticide fumigation during shipping. (Wool from overseas can often be fumigated during transport.) 

More Economical: Last 3 to 5  years, costing much less than toxic and “green” dryer sheets. Within a few short months they pay for themselves.

What’s wrong with dryer sheets & fabric softeners?  

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