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Branch Basics

Branch Basics Concentrate is a 100% plant-based soap made with nontoxic ingredients. Branch Basics soap not only removes dirt, dust, grease and grime, it removes the residue left behind by previous cleaners.

Branch Basics User Guide

For most of your cleaning needs, we recommend the All-Purpose spray. Simply spray, let sit for a few seconds, and wipe clean! For tougher jobs, the same dilution and instructions normally apply, but feel free to reference the full User Guide for extensive guidelines and how-tos!

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General Notes for New Users

Branch Basics User Guide 2015

  • Rinsing is usually not necessary, Branch Basics soap leaves no toxic residue.*
  • Dwell Time is the time between spraying and rinsing or wiping Branch Basics soap from a surface. During this time, the enzymes are working to break down or dissolve dirt, grime, grease and oil over time on fabrics and surfaces.**
  • Mineral Free Water – like reverse osmosis or distilled water – is best for diluting Branch Basics soap, particularly for stain removal or washing walls and ceilings. “Hard water” or tap water heavy with minerals sometimes leaves mineral rings.
  • Wood Finishes such as floors and cabinetry – always test the soap on a hidden area first to make sure the soap doesn’t affect the finish.***
  • For Fabrics, Test First! When cleaning fabric, carpet or upholstery stains, test in a hidden area first to determine if the soap will affect the color of the fabric. Watermarks may occur if water has any minerals in it (this may result from using tap water). Let the solution dry on the test area before using it to remove stains to make sure that it does not lighten the fabric or leave water marks. Branch Basics soap is not a bleach, but some fabrics or dyes may lighten.

Suggested Pairings for Expert Clean Jobs

Whitening, Brightening + Scrubbing Power

Team up Branch Basics Soap with Branch Basics Oxygen Boost for extra whitening and brightening. A little Branch Basics Oxygen Boost sprinkled on surfaces that need extra scrubbing (like tile grout) will help you get that squeaky, bright clean.


We recommend cleaning with a microfiber cloth, especially for glass, stainless steel, and other surfaces that may smudge.

* However, Branch Basics Cleaning Soap should be used in weak dilutions and rinsed completely from any oil-based surface such as oil-based painted furniture, varnished furniture, and oil-painted walls and baseboards.

** If the surface is lightly soiled, then perhaps only a spray and wipe is required, but if you have a deep stain or a tricky mess, a longer “dwell time” will be necessary. For some stains, even an overnight soaking is needed. Too little dwell time may not break down the substance or chemical being treated – more time or repeat application is needed. Yet, too much dwell time may allow the Branch Basics soap to dry on the surface, leading to a redeposition of soils under certain circumstances. In this case, re-application would be needed.

*** Never use on unfinished manufactured wood such as particle board, OSB, chip board, plywood, medite, or medex, because the enzyme action will break down and pull out the formaldehyde or isocyanate from the resins into the air.