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  1. You acknowledge that Power of Pure, LLC uses a third-party formulator and manufacturer who maintains the proprietary nature of the formula’s specific ingredients. Thus, the complete ingredient list is undisclosed to Branch Basics LLC as well as to the public.
  2. You agree to use the product as a cleaning product only according to the label’s directions, since body care products and fruit and vegetable washes that are not comprised of only soap require a full ingredient list on the label.
  3. We, Branch Basics LLC, give no other representations of this product other than as a multi-purpose cleaning concentrate that is not considered harmful or toxic when used as directed. Analysis by a toxicologist under a nondisclosure agreement where all ingredients in Branch Basics, percentages and mixing process were considered resulted in a White Paper that reports that the product is not toxic, is safe, is non-irritating to the eyes and skin, not considered to be a dermal sensitizer, not carcinogenic, not a potential reproductive hazard, does not bioaccumulate, and is biodegradable. In addition, third-party, non-animal tests using human tissue and bacteria cultures in direct contact with the formula for a specified period of time back up the White Paper and have proven this formula, in it’s ready to use form, is not an eye-irritant, not a skin irritant, and not mutagenic (non-carcinogenic).
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