Empty Refillable Foaming Hand Soap


18.5 fl oz reusable foamer bottle to mix The Concentrate as a Hand, Face, or Body Soap. Also great for hand washing dishes!

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Product Description

Note: We recently updated the strength of our concentrate! New and old are cross-compatible, with the same great value. Learn more.

18.5 fl oz reusable bottle to mix The Concentrate as a foaming Hand, Face, or Body Soap

  • 18.5 fl oz
  • Uses approximately 2.5 oz of The Concentrate
  • Created to last: refill, reuse, repeat (replaces dozens of plastic bottles)
  • Clearly marked label for simple mixing
  • BPA-Free #2 HDPE recyclable plastic
  • Wide, flat design that’s easy to pump and takes up less sink, shower, or tub space
  • Mechanical, foaming pump produces a frothy lather for washing

Our Foaming Hand Soap bottle helps you lather up without exposing yourself to chemically-induced bubbles. The built-in mechanical foam pump physically aerates the soap and water, transforming it into a rich foam, rather than a drying, synthetic foaming agent. Did you know you can use this bottle in many ways beyond just hand washing? Try it out for washing your wash, hair, body as well as for shaving and removing make-up. It’s safe for babies and pets as well. At the kitchen sink, you can even suds up your dishes if you prefer foaming to spraying when dish washing.


Hands, Body, Face, Babies, Pets, Make-up Removal, Washing Hair, and Shaving

See our User Guide/Stain Master Guide for more specific cleaning uses and directions.


The label is clearly marked with fill lines for both water and soap, making it super simple to mix up your Hand + Body soap.

  1.     Fill water to water line*
  2.     Add The Concentrate to soap line (requires approx. 2.5 oz of soap)
  3.     Shake after filling so the soap and water can mix well

P.S. By adding the water first, you skip the over-bubbling effect and can fill your bottle to the top.

* Purified water is great but not required. However, we do recommend using mineral-free water (distilled or reverse osmosis) especially for stains and cleaning walls to avoid potential water marks or mineral rings.


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