Oxygen Boost
Oxygen Boost
Oxygen Boost
Oxygen Boost

Oxygen Boost

Oxygen Boost (4 lbs) boosts the power of the Concentrate and is great for laundry, stains and grout. No bleach, ammonia, fragrances or dyes. Enough for 64 loads of laundry and safe for septic tanks.

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Product Info

  • Non-Toxic & Human Safe

    Non-Toxic & Human Safe

  • Plant & Mineral Based

    Plant & Mineral Based

  • no harmful

    no harmful

  • fragrance


  • Biodegradable


  • non-gmo


Product Attributes

  • Human safe

  • Plant & Mineral Based

  • Fragrance free

  • No harmful

  • Biodegradable

  • Not tested on animals

  • Non-gmo

Everyday Uses


Team our Laundry solution with Oxygen Boost to whiten and brighten white and/or color fabrics. Just add 1/2-1 scoop of Oxygen Boost to the drum before adding clothes.

Stain Remover

Pre-treat or pre-soak stains with Concentrate and Oxygen Boost before washing for extra stain removal power.

Tile & Grout

Spray area with Bathroom Cleaner and sprinkle Oxygen Boost on grout. Agitate with a brush until soapy and let sit 15-20 minutes. Scrub clean and rinse.

Pots & Pans

For burnt pots and pans, spray with All-Purpose, sprinkle Oxygen Boost and fill with water. Let it sit and soak for a few hours or overnight. Repeat if necessary. 

Soap Scum & Showers

Sprinkle Oxygen Boost on the area, spray liberally with Bathroom solution, and let it sit 5-10 minutes before scrubbing clean. 


For colored fabric, always test in a hidden spot first. Spray with All-Purpose, sprinkle stain with Oxygen Boost, and agitate with a damp cloth. Let sit 5-10 minutes. Scrub clean and vacuum excess OB.

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Safe & Effective
  • Nothing worked until we used BB All-Purpose spray and then added Oxygen Boost.

    "My parents got several giant unknown dark stains on their huge, valuable 1920's white porcelain sink. We tried everything to get the stain out. Nothing worked on it until we used Branch Basics All-Purpose spray and then added Branch Basics Oxygen Boost. Your product cleaned it immediately!! I have never seen anything like it. We will only use your products from now on. Thanks so much for your products! They saved us."


    A dirty sink cleaned white by Oxygen Boost
  • BB never ceases to amaze me!

    "I had a stain on a sweater I forgot about and hung up the other day I was getting rid of clothes to donate and came across the sweater. I figured I would at least try to get this one year old stain out of my shirt. I put some Oxygen Boost on it and threw it in the hamper and did laundry the next day and bam brand new! BB never ceases to amaze me!!"


    A large stain treated with Oxygen Boost
  • Honestly, it prompted me to go on auto ship because BB is worth its weight in gold.

    "Okay, I just have to say that over the weekend, my dad spilled a VERY full glass of red wine all over my mom’s brand new couch and rug. I gifted them BB for Christmas and immediately started spraying All-Purpose and then dusted with Oxygen Boost. Wine is GONE! They are in disbelief. I wish I had a before and after...but honestly, it prompted me to go on auto ship because BB is worth its weight in gold and then some!!!"


    A stained bath tub cleaned white after Oxygen Boost
  • It makes my home feel clean without feeling guilty about harsh toxic chemicals.

    "This stuff really works! I’ve been able to clean everything from the kitchen sink to the grout on my tile floor to the bathtub to an old pair of dirty white shoes. I even use it to clean my fruit & veggies! I love Branch Basics because it makes my home feel clean without feeling guilty about using harsh toxic chemicals that other cleaning products contain."


    A dirty bathtub turned clean by Branch Basics
  • It took out 10 years worth of stains!

    "So I decided to try soaking my sofa pillow covers in the Oxygen Boost. WOW!!! It took out 10 years worth of stains!!! I was already impressed, but now I am just AMAZED!!!"


    Large brown stains on a white pillow cleaned with Oxygen Boost
  • I use them every day and I have never been so motivated to clean!

    "Love everything about these products! The ingredients, the fact that it’s safe for kids and pets, the spray bottles, everything! I use them every day and I have never been so motivated to clean!"


    Dirt removed from a high chair
  • What kind of hippy witchcraft is this?!

    "Last week my boyfriend spent forever scrubbing his bathtub, but still couldn't get the soap scum/dirt off of it. I went in, sprayed the All-Purpose and used a scoop of the Oxygen Boost, let it sit for 5 min, scrubbed for 5 min, and it was completely clean + sparkling! He said "what kind of hippy witchcraft is this?!"


    Shower stains treated with Branch Basics
  • After washing my clothes with BB Laundry, my back has stopped itching.

    "I have very sensitive skin and have had these little bumps on my back that itch. I've had them for as long as I can remember and never thought it could be our laundry soap. I had switched to a no fragrance soap and it didn't help. After washing my clothes with the Branch Basic Laundry Soap and Oxygen Boost, my back has stopped itching and the bumps are going away. I have used all the other mixtures around the house and just love them!"


    Wine stains on a white dress removed by Oxygen Boost

Customer Reviews

Oxygen Boost Ingredients

Sodium Percarbonate

A mineral-based brightener and deodorizer.

Sodium Bicarbonate

A mineral-based water softener also known as baking soda!