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Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our happy customers. Want to join in the fun? Shop our products here & leave a review!   I have to say thank you. I had to call my sister this weekend as I was washing my clothes and linens and cleaning microfiber clothes in the concentrate and […]

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Nothing makes us happier than positive feedback from our customers. It had it only a few days but, WOW, does it clean like nobody’s business. Can’t wait for something to get dirty! – Janet Meddings I received my product this week in perfect condition and have used it already. I just have to say….. It […]

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Branch Basics Ultimate Guide to Nontoxic Floor Cleaning: It’s Much Easier Than You Think!

Branch Basics Ultimate Guide to Nontoxic Floor Cleaning

Why a Clean Floor Makes a Big Difference in Your Health Your shoes carry you across parking lots, through gym locker rooms, and into bathroom stalls, where they pick up E. coli (causes intestinal and urinary tract infections), Klebsiella (pneumonia bacteria), and Serratia ficaria (a respiratory tract infection bacteria).1 In addition to bacteria, your shoes […]

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Phthalates: Where Are They Hiding & How to Go Phthalate-Free

Branch Basics | Common Household Chemicals to Avoid: Phthalates

What are phthalates? Phthalates are a group of chemicals made from petroleum used in personal care products and are used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastics and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).1 Like harmful BPA, phthalates are considered stealth chemicals that are classified as endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) and gender benders.2 Health effects of phthalates […]

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Travel Kit

You use Branch Basics for all things cleaning at home, so why stop there?! This Travel Kit is perfect for all on-the-go cleaning, from spraying down airplane tray tables and wiping dirty toys to removing stains and washing off eye make-up.

The Concentrate can even be used for doing laundry while away from home, and the Travel Kit makes a wonderful gift for others, so they, too, can get hooked on non-toxic cleaning that really works!

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Hand Soap Versus Hand Sanitizer: Why “Antibacterial” Is a Dirty Word & 4 Steps to Healthy Hands


The Surprising History of Handwashing and Hand SanitizerS The history of intentional hand washing had an unfortunate beginning in the 1840s. When Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis proposed to fellow doctors that washing their hands before seeing each patient would reduce the transfer of infection, he was ignored, ridiculed, rejected, and ultimately dismissed from the hospital where he […]

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Detoxifying Your Laundry Room

BY MARILEE NELSON If you have been using conventional laundry care products that contain toxic chemicals, it is highly likely that the air quality in your home is being affected. Decontaminating these chemicals from your laundry room is a big step in improving your entire home’s air quality. The toxic volatiles incorporate into the surfaces […]

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Laundry 101

There is a direct correlation between your health and the air you breathe. If you are wearing clothes, sleeping on sheets, and wearing pajamas washed and dried with laundry products that contain toxic ingredients, then you are surrounded by air clouded with VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) that can cause asthma, contribute to chronic illness, irritate […]

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