Welcome to the Branch Basics Home Cleanse! Co-founder Marilee Nelson will walk you through the first steps of her tried-and-true process for creating a healthy home, share her incredible story, and more. We guarantee everyone in your home will benefit. Watch our introductory video and then get started below!

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Practical Advice

Marilee explains her best tips and advice on how to approach our Home Cleanse.

On to Pesticides


Removing Pesticides

As the biggest threat to the health of our homes, Marilee covers what to look for and why you should get rid of harmful pesticides today. Don’t worry, there are many great alternatives, and Marilee created an extensive guide for you that makes finding replacements easy!

A Clean Focus



One of the easiest ways to dramatically improve your indoor air quality is to remove toxic cleaning supplies. Marilee describes which toxic red flags to look for on a label in this eye-opening video.


"After hearing Branch Basics founder on a podcast, it was really eye-opening. Our family decided to try ‘detoxing’ our home. We eat pretty healthy, exercise and do all these things for our bodies, but we were truly living in a ‘toxic soup’ of bug spray, dryer sheets and air fresheners, etc. I was skeptical, but followed the protocol suggested and the difference in our home is incredible. I bought the Branch Basics Starter Kit and this stuff really works (even in the bathroom!) I was a hold out on my bleach type popular brand bathroom cleaners, but as soon as I sprayed it I had a visceral reaction and felt like my lungs were constricting. This had never happened. I think by decreasing the toxic load in my home I've become more sensitive to stuff that's really not good for you. I highly recommend a home detox!"
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- Joan

"We use your products because our house cleaner was having tremendous pain, especially in her shoulder, and she could hardly do her job. She went to our chiropractor who told her the chemicals she was using (not Branch Basics) were harming her and causing her pain. He recommended Branch Basics, which she asked us to buy. She has been much better. She can move her shoulder, she is almost pain free, and she can sleep. Thank you so much for your products!"
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- Lori

“I read another comment on here about a house cleaner who was having pain until she switched to using Branch Basics, I never really thought about how my fingers hurt while cleaning until I read that comment and now I’ve noticed I have not had my typical pain since switching to Branch Basics, and removing my chemical products! It works miracles! I have a few pans that have years worth of burn grease- this cut right through it! I’ve shared with all my friends. It works and I feel safer using it!”
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- Jacquelynn

“Thank you! You guys are the best!! You know, I initially purchased your products quite skeptically, but I decided to give it a fair chance. After all, what is there to not like about fewer toxins in my home, our bodies, and the environment. So, I tried it one item at a time, and I loved it!! The true test for me was the bathroom. After I cleaned our master bathroom with your products for the first time, I threw all my other toxic cleaning products out and never looked back. Now, I use them for everything (even in my dishwasher). Thank you for making these available to us all!!”
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- Ellen

"I ordered the package to try because I have recently developed allergies/headaches I never used to have, which seem to be exacerbated when I am cleaning. Since I'm a neat freak, this is a problem. I've cleaned up my diet but, was sneezing so much when using the products I have now, I had to try something new. Lo and behold, I didn't sneeze or get a headache at all using Branch today! I'm going to try this product in / on / with everything I have. THANK YOU!!!"
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- Mariana


Detox Your Laundry Room

A major passion point for our team, Marilee takes on the laundry room. With the potential for toxic chemicals to be laden on your body all day and night - think clothing, sheets, pajamas and towels - you are doing your body a major favor by switching to non-toxic laundry products! And the air quality in your home will get a major upgrade.

The 3 R 's


Review, Remove, Replace

The Branch Basics Clean Sweep takes you through the 3 R’s to help you decipher which cleaning products you should keep and which ones need to go. Get your printable 3 R’s here for a list you can reference as you go through your products.

The Back Story


Marilee’s Journey

Why did we start Branch Basics? It all began with two life-changing events in Marilee’s life. She shares her amazing story here.
This is an opportunity that will surprise you. You can create a radical shift and improvement in your indoor air quality simply by removing harmful products from your home today.
- Marilee

A Proven Method


Success Stories

Don’t take it from us! Hear the extraordinary stories of Marilee’s clients that followed the Home Cleanse and experienced life-changing results.

A Clean Start


Make Replacing Stress-Free

Our Starter Kit makes the replacement step for cleaning products super simple. Marilee explains how Branch Basics works and how to get started. Thank you so much for following along! We will be continuing to update our Home Cleanse with further categories, so check back in for updates in the coming months!