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Branch Basics Wildcrafted Scent Oils

Can you smell that? Change is in the air here at Branch Basics. You guessed it: our wildcrafted scent oils are BACK by popular demand and they are better than ever! So many of you loved our seasonal scents at Christmas, and we’ve been listening to your feedback—everything from new scent suggestions, to packaging, and more. Of course, we’ve also done our own research to source the safest possible ingredients that align with our standards for indoor air quality and human safety.

We’ve outlined our exciting updates on the wildcrafted scent oils below, but here are some things that we’ll never compromise:

  • Our commitment to human safe: our scents are not irritating to eyes, skin or lungs, and they are not harmful if ingested!
  • Our wildcrafted scent oils are 100% food-grade; our peppermint scent oil even made an appearance in a Gluten & Grain Free Peppermint Patties recipe.
  • Branch Basics wildcrafted scent oils are 100% plant-based. There are no scents or ingredients that would cause skin irritation, photo sensitization, photo-toxicity, or allergic reactions.
  • Our commitment to allergen-free: all proteins and potential allergens are removed to meet or exceed E.E.C. (Environmental Exposure Chamber) requirements for an end product that is allergen-free.
  • Our commitment to 100% pure:  our wildcrafted scent oils don’t have terpenes that can create  harmful particulates or interact with ozone. They are FDA “GRAS” (Generally Regarded as Safe) with no limitations on usage!

Branch Basics Wildcrafted Scent Oils Lavender

How does wildcrafted scent oil compare to an essential oil?

  • Unlike essential oils, our wildcrafted scent oils do not leach chemicals from plastics and therefore can be stored full-strength in the plastic bottles we use. Note: It’s still ok to use essential oils mixed with BB concentrate and water in our plastic bottles since they are diluted.
  • Like our soap concentrate and our sprayers, our wildcrafted scent oils come in BPA-free bottles made of #1 PET plastic, which is considered to be one of the safest plastics on the market.
  • Unlike essential oils, our wildcrafted scent oils do not have tested medicinal or aromatherapy properties, BUT since they are food grade and have no upper use limits, they also do not have any warnings about using them on sensitive skin or around young children and babies.
  • Our scent oils are competitively priced! They come in a 1 oz bottle for $10, and you use about 2 tsp per solution. Since there are 6 tsp in an ounce, you get at least 3 bottles per scent oil for just $3.30 each.

Branch Basics Wildcrafted Scent Oils Peppermint

How do wildcrafted scent oils compare to ‘organic’ scent oils?

The Science of Scent: What is Wildcrafted?!

  • Our wildcrafted scent oils are created based on flavor components that depend not just on your sense of smell, but on taste and texture, too. Whereas synthetic fragrances remove taste and texture components to focus only on aroma, wildcrafted scents maintain a natural flavor that must first be extracted from the original source.
  • Methods of extraction vary per aroma and can involve solvent extraction (which we don’t use!), distillation, pressure, filtration or infusion (like putting cloves of garlic in olive oil to infuse the taste of garlic). These “extracts” are further purified and blended (we blend ours with sunflower oil) to achieve the final result.
  • To produce aromas, we use oils harvested according to wildcrafted guidelines, collecting plants that grow wild in nature without human intervention. This means that we never use oils from plants collected in areas of known pesticide use or possible chemical contaminants; the plants are sustainably harvested, taking only from middle growth and never collecting more than 15% of the species in any given area; and we only use oils from plants in the proper growth stage to ensure plants emit their most vital and energetic aroma.

Branch Basics Wildcrafted Scent Oils Coconut Lime

How do the new wildcrafted scent oils compare to our first scent oils?

If you sampled our first round of scent oils back in December, you’ll be glad to hear we’ve updated our packaging! Our wildcrafted scent oils now come in bottles instead of droppers (easy to pour, easy to measure!), and they include a measuring cup for a precise and easy pour.

Branch Basics Wildcrafted Scent Oils Directions


To use, simply add scent oil to your 24 oz sprayer or 18 oz foaming soap bottle. We suggest starting with adding 1 tsp first, shaking the bottle, and then testing the scent. If you’d like a stronger scent, you can experiment with the amount you add – typically 2 tsp will work well. Let the scented spray bottle sit for a few minutes, then test again before adding more, as small changes can make a significant difference. Give the bottle a good shake before use!

Branch Basics Wildcrafted Scent Oils Lemongrass

Additional Questions about Wildcrafted Scent Oils

Will the wildcrafted scent oils stain fabric?

The scent oils are designed to work well in a cleaning solution and should not pose a problem for laundry, stains, or other uses. However, we recommend that you test all fabrics in a hidden area before treating stains with either Branch Basics soap, wildcrafted scent oils, or Oxygen Boost.

What if the wildcrafted scent oil looks like it has separated from the soap?

Because of the natural ingredients in the soap and the scent oils, some settling will occur when the product is not being used. This is a totally normal result. If the scent oil has settled on top of the soap, simply shake well before using.

Are the scent oils safe to use for hand and body soap as well?

Yes, these food-grade, wildcrafted scent oils are safe to use in your foaming soap bottle. Please add the scent carefully, starting with 1 tsp in an 18 oz bottle. You may find you need more than 1 tsp for a noticeable scent, but be careful to add it in small increments or the smell may be much stronger!

Please note that even natural, organic or wildcrafted oils and scents can stimulate an immune response. If anyone in the home is immune-compromised or trying to recover from chronic illness, we recommend keeping Branch Basics unscented.

Please let us know what you think of our new scents: lavender, lemongrass, coconut lime, peppermint! We always love to hear product feedback from our customers. Which new scents would you like to see this year?


Did you know you can use Branch Basics wildcrafted scent oils and Streak-Free as an air freshener? Check out the BB Hack: Air Freshener Spray for the DIY tutorial.

Why is it important to reduce your exposure to synthetic fragrance? Read why we think Fragrance is the New Second-Hand Smoke.

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    1. Stacey,
      No, these oils are not designed to have the medicinal benefits of essential oils. They are food grade oils that are specifically designed to pair with our cleaning soap for a light fragrance. This also makes them safe enough for virtually anyone to use!

  1. So how is the aroma scent oils different from therapeutic grade? can you ingest these oils? they are less concentrated than say YL or doTerra, mountainherbs etc? why woulnd’t i use those oils in my bottle instead of yours?

    1. Hi Robyn,
      The scent oils are food grade, meaning that you could ingest them, but they are not therapeutic grade, meaning they are not designed to be used medicinally. They are diluted with a carrier oil, which is also food grade. We have many customers who are sensitive to essential oils and are looking for a scent that won’t bother their skin or breathing. Our wildcrafted scent oils are designed to be used by virtually anyone, whereas essential oils are very potent and should be used by someone familiar with their uses. Hope that helps!

  2. I recently came across your YouTube video of the wildcraft scent testing (posted early 2015). I would love to try one with cloves. Will more scents be available?

    I want to try your lemongrass, and coconut lime smells divine. Is there a reason for not having orange (which seems to be a popular scent everywhere I’ve been)?

  3. I recently came across your YouTube video of the wildcraft scent testing (posted early 2015). I would love to try one with cloves. Will more scents be available?

    I want to try your lemongrass, and coconut lime smells divine. Is there a reason for not having orange (which seems to be a popular scent everywhere I’ve been)?

    1. Hi Sharon,
      We introduce scents seasonally. When the orange clove sold out this winter, we introduced lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and coconut lime for spring and summer. Thanks for your feedback – we’ll consider bringing back orange or clove this fall.

  4. For my two cents, I loved the Orange Clove scent and was planning to get more!?So I’d certainly be very happy if you brought it back! I’m going to “stick my neck out” and try the coconut lime one. I’ve always hated the smell of artificial coconut, so I’m intrigued to find out what your naturally derived product is like.

      1. Hi Courtney.

        We don’t have any plans to sell oils again right now. Sorry!

    1. Hello Sarah. Thanks for your interest in these oils. I’m sorry to say that we do not plan to carry them again.

    1. Hello Amber. Thanks for reaching out to us! I’m sorry to say that we no longer carry these oils. If you plan to use essential oils, be sure to choose pure essential oils that are not processed with solvents.

      All the best!


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